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Feedback from December 24 and Beyond



ARUP Is Not the Red Cross
In your Dec. 24 issue, the Citizen Revolt item, "Blood Drive," led with the eye catching and venerable Red Cross brand in order to promote two ARUP blood drives.

You know, of course, that ARUP and the American Red Cross, although both nonprofit, are not the same, but they compete in the same space.
Stan Rosenzweig
Cottonwood Heights

Chris Who?
Regarding "Fly Away, Chris," John Saltas' Dec. 17 Private Eye column, I have nothing to add to it. But I will say this—you were talking about me.

Why the hell does Chris Stewart represent me here in greater Salt Lake City? I have never seen him, nor have I heard him campaign in this area.

Thank you, John.
Ahmed Farah
Via the Internet

GOP Herd Mentality
Throughout 2020, the mainstream media—until now—has steadfastly avoided reporting the awful truth that has become increasingly obvious and apparent to the American public, as the months pass and the death toll climbs from COVID-19.

The failed far-right Trump regime's unofficial policy all along in regard to COVID-19 was the so-called public health strategy of herd immunity. This pathetic policy of complete surrender to the coronavirus is a direct result of the racist Republican Party's malign neglect and "herd mentality," as Donald Trump himself put it in his now infamous and incredibly incriminating Freudian slip.

Trump has made it perfectly clear over the course of this conservative-caused catastrophe that he wants, in his own words, a "herd developed" solution to the crisis of his own making. How many times now has Trump insisted upon its efficacy and acted upon his apparent belief that increasing public infection rates (and consequently the death rate) is a laudable goal? Videotape doesn't lie; Donald Trump does.

Over 300,000 Americans are dead, most of whom didn't have to die! Donald Trump is to blame for this crime against humanity (not to mention his countless crimes against the Constitution), and he must be held accountable—one way or another. It's up to you, people of America. Do what must be done. If the courts won't act, we must. History is what we make it.

Being voted out of office in a landslide is insufficient punishment for Vladimir Putin's puppet, Donald Trump. He deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law upon the end of his presidency on Jan. 20th.

No presidential pardon is going to save the Trump family from state civil and criminal prosecutions, which is why the state of New York will have the final word on the fate of these farcical fascists and their bogus business empire.
Jake Pickering
Arcata, California