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Feedback from December 31 and Beyond



New Year's Reflections
Love reading City Weekly. Thanks for keeping us up to date with what's going on in this great city.
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Himalayan Kitchen Struggles to Stay Open
What an amazing man the owner, Surya Bastakoti, is. Heart of gold and loves what he does. The whole staff is amazing. Surya would give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it. Such good people.
Laura Lava Jones
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This place is so delicious. It'll be the next place we order takeout.
Chelsea Taylor
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The city needs to waive parking fees to help encourage people to come downtown. Not just the metered stalls, but also in city owned lots.
Jennifer GB
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One of the owners delivered food to our house instead of hired staff or GrubHub. They have always personalized their service and are some of the nicest folks in the restaurant industry that I have seen.
Kristen Stehel
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On Sen. Romney's tweet against the "egregious ploy" to reject electors
Romney lays the gauntlet down with this release: "I could never have imagined seeing these things in the greatest democracy in the world. Has ambition so eclipsed principle?"
Sen. Romney, for the win.
What will no-spine Sen. Mike Lee do?
John Saltas @johnsaltas
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Romney always plays it safe: He's never been accused of having a spine. He had a safe seat; real balls would've been a quixotic primary challenge to Trump last year.
Russ Smith @MUGGER1955
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How is this a gauntlet? He wrote words that will do nothing. Unless he starts caucusing (or threatening to caucus) with the Dems, his "gauntlet" is meaningless. Don't give him benefit of a thing until he acts.
Danny_Vandelay @TequilaDanKC
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If he announced he was going to caucus with Democrats—that would be a gauntlet. This was another letter.
Kristy @KDrolliMN
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You need to seriously consider doing what you can, Senator Romney, to derail the treason express that is the Republican Party. Perhaps become an independent—or a Democrat—and help deny McConnell his veto power over the legislative process. Think about it.
Michael B Lehrhoff@mblehrhoff
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There is no "win." Romney is doing nothing but tweeting. Tweets aren't action. The only people taking action are the traitors that are continuing to belabor this nonsense. And they don't care about tweets. If this is your party, Senator, how can you still be a part of it?
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If Romney really had conviction (for that matter, any Republican who disavows the direction the party has headed), they'd leave the GOP and become independents.
The Møøse that Røared Deer @themoosespeaks
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As usual, "Mr. Constitution" is silent ...
Madisonfly @MadisonflyPam
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