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Feedback from Feb. 14 and Beyond

Readers share their thoughts on Sex Lake City, the old Sears space and more.



Cover story, Feb. 14, "Sex Lake City"
What an enlightening article, while I think I am an open-minded and accepting person, not sure how to react!
C.J. Southworth
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Exactly what are the safe ways to use fire?
P. Smith

Fire-cupping is one kind of fire-play, popularized by swimmers in the Olympics with rings on their backs. Wax and fire-play involve bursts of heat, but without actually burning the skin.
John Wyllie

I love bringing sex positivity into the light! If you want to take a first step in exploring some consent education and connection for yourself in a platonic setting, Salt Lake also hosts regular cuddle parties.
Mary Sorensen

Lost me at "Utah culture teaches sex is only for procreation."
Gregory Smith

Utah is better at kink than Las Vegas.
Kelly Anderson

I didn't really need to see that swing.
Steven Ralph Jerman
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News, Feb. 14, "Bikes, Scooters and Cars, Oh My!"
[E-bikes were] created for people whose parents cleaned up for them as kids. Users leave them everywhere—in the middle of sidewalks blocking access for those with disabilities, on other people's lawns and other places where they don't belong and aren't wanted. And don't get me started in safety issues. As a pedestrian, I've been nearly run down twice by irresponsible users. I want fewer cars and less pollution, too, but this business model sucks.
Via Instagram

These damn things are everywhere, lol.
Taylor Dodson
Via Facebook

Just stay the hell off sidewalks!
Via Instagram

Yasss! What are those dumb bike lanes for anyway?
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Urban Living, Feb. 14, "Practice What You Preach"
Utah's state government motto: Do it our way. We know what's best for you. Shut up, be happy! Here's what's next: Anyone caught outside after curfew will be shot. The police will be by your home to collect blood samples in the morning. If you interfere with this process you will be shot. Shut up, be happy!
Forrell Scott
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Opinion, Feb. 7, "Utah's Legislators: Gone Rogue"
But you know none of them will be voted out. They know that, and this is how they know they can get away with it. The people in this state tend to vote against their own best interests.
Karen Tucker Steele
Via Facebook

We need a better education system surrounding voting and the people who are running for office. We need people out there volunteering and educating the population of who is running, their past achievements, etc. And most importantly, we need people to run for office that don't bow down to the LDS church's every wish just to earn a quick $$$.
Brianne Hadley
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The majority of them are trying to amass as much money as they can while in office ... we the voters, will be ignored. They have no respect for democracy or the real reason for their jobs ... honoring their constituents.
Debra Vasquez
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Social Media Post, Feb. 12, Protestors gather ahead of Vicente Fox's speech
No one ever has said they don't support border security. Just the pointless wall. Waste of time and the environment.
Daniel Wendt
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Thay took our jerbs!
Mark Holian
Via Facebook

Translation: "I support racism!"
Mindy Smith
Via Instagram

Again, how is a wall racist? I'm really not arguing with you, just trying to see what you see.
Chris Lowrie
Via Instagram

How? Wasting $5.7 billion to only say "Look, I'm keeping the brown people out." Yeah, racist. This is not going to stop any illegal immigration. If they want to do something, hire more border agents.
Mindy Smith
Via Instagram

All old white crusty dudes.
Em Lockhart
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Online News Post, Feb. 16, What's next for old Sears location?
They should make it into a proper functioning halfway house with job skill training and all.
Conor Papineau
Via Facebook

That's a no-brainer:. An eight-story apartment complex.
Paul McGill
Via Facebook

So many possibilities. Sadly, we'll probably see more mediocrity in terms of architecture and design.
Amy Barry
Via Facebook

I hope someone salvages those pink stone outer walls!
Angie Nabrotzky Lassig
Via Facebook

A temple.
Tim R. Martin
Via Facebook

Amazon store.
Peter Kraus
Via Facebook

More taco carts.
Jesus Silva
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