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Feedback from Feb. 20 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on Pee-wee, Bloomberg and silly legislators.




Cover story, Feb. 20, "Pee-wee's Beehive Adventure"
It was awesome! The audience participation made it so much fun.
Mindy O'Connor
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I know you are but what am I?
Derek Diamanti
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News, Feb. 20, "Voting App Blues"
Paper ballots are best.
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Hits & Misses, Feb. 20
Utah legislators can be so incredibly foolish, lol.
Ben Wordelman
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Online news post, Feb. 20, "Bloomberg's Place"
As much as people hate Trump, I'm not sure running on the promise of taking away people's constitutional rights is really the way to go.
Clinton Hartley
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They're calling it Liberal's or Socialist party. I prefer Anarchy. [Do] Americans really need big government? It's expensive.
Christine Cohen
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Did the reporter clap back with "OK Bloomer?"
Aaron Mitchell
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Blog post, Feb. 24, "LDS Film Festival Dawns Anew"
The sun's as warm as a baked potatah!
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Propaganda and lies.
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Oh! What could be! The Utah-based church with the long name sits on over $100 billion. This amount increases hourly because of interest. Many Utah families of this same belief system sit on mega millions of dollars. These families avoid huge income tax bills by contributing generously to the church mentioned above. In fairness, many of these families are quite generous in supporting cancer research, keeping the Tribune alive and a myriad of other good causes. But I fantasize about what Utah could be if even a fraction of all this wealth could be released. No public teacher in Utah would have to work outside the classroom to support a family. No classroom would have more than 20 students. Counselors and school nurses would not be spread among thousands of students. Homelessness would be a thing of the past. Utah air would be the cleanest in the nation. New parks would be springing up; especially so that children in all the new condensed housing would have a place to play. Suicide and homicide rates would plummet because of increased mental health programs. While I'm off here in Fantasyland, elected officials would promote all the above rather than focusing on alcohol content in beer, porn and vaginas. Sadly, I'm just dreaming because the control of the earlier mentioned church will not go away any time soon. And sadly, many struggling young families of this belief system pay into this church for fear of losing status now and in the afterlife.
Ted Ottinger,

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