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Feedback from Feb. 21 and Beyond

Readers share their thoughts on The Greatest Snow on Earth, the old Sears and Romney.



Cover story, Feb. 21, "This Is the (Other) Place"
Just a few hours north/northwest of SLC, you'll find much better skiing then anything the Wasatch has to offer. Idaho has the best skiing in the U.S., hands down.
Kristopher Boatman
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Nice cover ... and Japan is no joke. Hokkaido for the win!
Daniel Cochrane
Via Instagram

That had to be a rough assignment.
Via Twitter

Winter 2018–19: The year everyone you know went to Japan.
Joshua Murdock
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News, Feb. 21, "Retailer Rebirth"
I'm gonna miss that Sears. I remember as kids, our mom would take us there for peanut clusters candy and hot dogs.
Geno Lopez
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We should probably build some "luxury apartments/condos" because we definitely don't have any in the downtown area.
Jamey Chelius
Via Facebook

No national chain stores. Only local businesses. Or a nice, big public park.
Scott Frandsen
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Honestly, a good location for a homeless resource center.
Bracken Ford
Via Facebook

Artist live/work spaces and galleries.
Kirsten Darrington
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If people think there should be more affordable housing, then you aren't looking hard enough. There are plenty of affordable places if you are willing to look. We don't live in the Bay or the eastside, people!
Kameron Kwan
Via Facebook

Resurrect the Woodshed and make it the size of one city block.
Jacob C. Richens
Via Facebook

Roller derby? Bowling alley? Art gallery and restaurant? Local bookstore? New location for Graywhale CD that was near the U?
John Wesley Walton
Via Facebook

A large roller-skating rink with a wood floor and no scooters.
Karen Cluff
Via Facebook

Lee's Discount Liquor!
Skyler Harrison
Via Facebook

Marijuana distribution center and new liquor superstore. Hey, a girl can dream.
Iris Nielsen
Via Facebook

Why not an awesome public marketplace/bazaar?
Andrew Latta
Via Facebook

I vote we build a creative reuse center mall like the one in Sweden. Our local nonprofit, Clever Octopus Creative Reuse, could be the main center surrounded by workshops/studios and local fare.
Sheri Gibb,
Executive director

The new Zephyr Club!
Dennis Harris
Via Facebook

The biggest Beto's in Salt Lake City. Every empty business in Salt Lake City become a Beto's or a Check City.
Toby Nelson
Via Facebook

Dear Soapbox:
How 'bout moving the liquor store into the old Sears monument? It would get two birds stoned at once; it would move the booze away from Pioneer Park and move it several blocks closer to my place. Win-win.
Alan Wright,
Salt Lake City

Beer Nerd, Feb. 21,
"On the Level"
Would someone build a microbrewery in Kanab, please?
Joe Stewart
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Online News Post, Feb. 21, "Renegade Republican: Romney talks medical cannabis"
Give him 10 minutes, and Flip Romney will change his tune faster than Utah weather.
Regie Thompson
Via Facebook

"Never been a study." Pure comedy. You mean, 'There's never been a study by the LDS church."
Danny Egbert
Via Facebook

Hippies have studied the "effects" for decades; mankind has known the benefits for millennia, thousands of years of trials. It's time we stop the prejudice of one of the Earth's finest inhabitants.
Christopher Leukel
Via Facebook

Medical side effects of medical marijuana: A good night's sleep and a healthy poop in the morning.
Dave Christensen
Via Facebook

What are the side effects of having to listen to this tool for five minutes?
Dylan Michaels
Via Facebook

Such an expert of everything but the job he is supposed to do. Seems like he comments and never has an idea for a solution.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

People who partake recreationally do not care about your opinion. Laws won't change that. Since you Republicans love taxing everything, just legalize it and chill. All you will notice is higher tax revenue; society will remain the same.
Via Twitter

I'm pretty sure there have been well over 100,000 studies regarding the benefits, and Taco Bell can help Mitt understand the side effects.
Steve Bench
Via Facebook

The problem is, Mittens, the government isn't allowed to do the research because the DEA won't allow it.
Jason Sagers
Via Facebook

Did anyone actually read the article? I'm as annoyed at Utah politicians and the way the church has to weigh in on every bill too, but Mitt was saying the quoted text in the context of marijuana needs to be made a Class II drug so we can run federally sanctioned research into [its] efficacy.
Joshua Martinetti
Via Facebook

Mitt, don't let me down. You got this. I voted for you and Prop 2.
Denise Wietzorek
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