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Feedback from Feb. 28 and Beyond

Readers share their thoughts on Salt Lake County's newest elected Democrat, the guv and conversion therapy.



Cover story, Feb. 28, "The Unsinkable Shireen Ghorbani"
Brittney Hemingway
Via Facebook

Haven't ever been this excited to see a City Weekly. Congrats, Shireen Ghorbani. Thank you for fighting the good fight and working to represent all of Utah. I love you, truly.
Samuel Taylor
Via Twitter

You are amazing. You are relentless. The best public servant characteristics.
Julie Kasper
Via Twitter

The Democrat/media cabal is strong. And now out of the closet, proud and unashamed.
Via Twitter

This woman is an unstoppable energy. Wanna know the best part? She cares so much about those around her, that she fights every single day to make our community better. If you haven't yet, meet Shireen. Once you meet her, you just know. It's almost inexplicable how just being in her presence gets you excited about change and democracy. Hellooooo Salt Lake County's newest council member.
Jessica Foard
Via Facebook

Looking forward to your political climb. Chris Stewart should join Trump in prison, and then hell.
Via Twitter

Sure do wish she was the mayor of SL County. Next election should fix that.
Fred A. Schmauch
Via Twitter

"Unsinkable Shireen Ghorbani" has a nice ring to it! Thank you for running again; we really appreciate having you to represent us.
Colby Williams
Via Twitter

Online News Post, Feb. 22, "Charges Filed in Alleged Hate Crime"
He should be popular in prison.
Ricky Joy Montoya
Via Facebook

Florida man comes to Utah!
Marc Davis
Via Facebook

Glad they got him. World doesn't need that stuff!
Via Twitter

A slap on the wrist. This is the Utah we all know.
Johnathan Lance Tuero
Via Facebook

Justice isn't vengeance. Justice means the best possible good for all moving forward. Don't taint yourself with the hatred you never wanted in the first place.
Nathan David Christensen
Via Facebook

Assault is assault, regardless of what happened first.
Dustin Clark
Via Facebook

Suspects have the right to defend themselves in court. Otherwise, most of us are not interested in hearing their side.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

Seriously, the police need more evidence? WTF.
Barbara Jane Lindley
Via Facebook

He didn't look drunk in the video. He looks like a douche pickle!
Sue Story
Via Facebook

Online News Post, Feb. 24, "Lawmakers, LGBTQ advocates draft bill to ban conversion therapy"
Geno Lopez
Via Facebook

An awesome step for the future.
Kat Hull
Via Facebook

Why does it take these old men so long to face basic reality?
Fred Schmauch
Via Twitter

That this even has to be a bill is the saddest of all bills. That had damn well better pass!
Kristie McNulty
Via Twitter

Editor's note: HB399 was altered in committee. A gutted substitute motion by Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Karianne Lisonbee, R-Clearfield, took its place.

Online News Post, Feb. 28, "Abortion & Taxes: Guv tackles 'divisive' issues"
Not his choice to make. Period!
Diane Armstrong
Via Facebook

I'm not sure why they want to waste time and money passing bills with qualifying events needed before they could be acted upon. The more immediately disturbing story here is the tax reform by a sponsor that won't answer questions or provide details around the plan. Makes it seem like they are basing it on their individual gut feeling or maybe making changes to personally profit.
Joe Schmidt
Via Facebook

That's how Utah government works.
Nick Fox
Via Facebook

The only topic that Republicans consult science about.
Bryan Orvis
Via Facebook

How about we defund all these programs and I keep my money instead of paying taxes?
Tallon Nielsen
Via Facebook

Dear Soapbox:
What do we need another state reptile for? We already have Gayle Ruzicka. I guess gila monsters are much cuter and far less venomous. We did need a new state fossil since Sen. "Snake Oil" Hatch hung up his carpet bag.

State hamburger? I nominate Willard "Fliptwit" Romney can hold the gentile pickles, please.

The Utah Legislature needs a remedial civics lesson. The operative phrase is "We the people" not "We the corporation of cheese and rice of Rattle-day Snakes."

The Mormons should be stripped of their tax exemption and treated like any other political action committee. They can't even spell his name right. Jesus was Greek to Y'shua, son of Joseph, and I don't think he visited Utah after he was murdered ... skiing hadn't been invented yet. I think ICE should deport 'em all back to Kolob where they came from and take the orange-haired current occupant with them.
Salt Lake City

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