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Feedback from Feb.15 and Beyond

Our readers sound off on Romney, pot and homophones.



Cover story, Feb. 15, "For the Birds"
From the story: "Oscar the hawk peers down with the gravitas of a sentinel at a slowly approaching Subaru on a recent Wednesday morning. His talons are clutching the highest crossbar of a worn but functional cattle shoot [sic] at least 12 feet above the ground."

It is, of course, illegal to shoot hawks. It's also illegal to shoot cattle. Shoot ... chute. Shoot! Oh, them tricky homophones!
Ken Gourdin

News, Feb. 15, "Reefer Radness"
Legalize this and quit controlling the people just because you don't need it.
Via Twitter

It's time to remove the LDS church's tax exempt status.
Larry Dawson
Via Facebook

This is so funny. Have you forgotten which state you live in?
Ricky Joe Montoya
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Hits & Misses, Feb. 15, "Put on the Red Light"
As for Stanard and Cozzens, it looks like the Utah Republican "rut" is in full bloom. Go Daily Mail!
Wayne Wickizer

I hate when they use that personal rights and freedoms argument. It has been used to cover such heinous crimes as child abuse.
Sheryl H. Ginsberg

Blog post, Feb. 16, "Romney Finally Makes It Official"
There is just way too much money in politics. You look at the Trump White House and it is all about filthy rich white men. These men do not serve the average person; they serve the money and their personal goals for more money. Where does Romney fit into this?
Kim Krause
Via Facebook

Paul Ryan made his endorsement for Romney tells ya all you need to know. He is a RINO ... Utah doesn't see him as a defender of the Constitution or an upholder of citizen rights, so, nah, next.
Steven Wood
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You can disagree with Mitt on policy points all day long. Fact remains that Mitt is a genuinely good dude and we need genuinely good dudes in Congress now more than ever.
Davis Bunting
Via Facebook

Yes because he has folders full of women, he's there for the 47 percent and yes he bought a home here but is not from Utah, and lets not forget how he and he alone saved the 2002 Olympics ...
Ricky Joe Montoya
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There are plenty of good dudes from Utah that have a deep understanding and appreciation for Utah's values that exist just beyond a religious tie. Why are we outsourcing such an important position?
Mary Callahan
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Blog post, Feb. 20, "Trump Backs Romney. But for How Long?"
I wonder when Romney's for free media blitz is going to end. Did media decide whether Trump's for-free media blitz was bad for this country or just good for business? I see a repeat on Romney.
Sara Pittman
Via Facebook

[T]he people of Utah should never choose Mitt Romney to represent them. One minute, he's against you, speaking from his heart; the next, he's your BFF, kissing your ass if it means he gets to be #SenatorRomney.
Via Twitter

Romney is a lawyer I am betting Trump has a job for him.
Michael Farrell
Via Facebook

Romney is just a power hungry money junkie bored of counting all of it.
Robert James Dobrovnik
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Romney go away.
Dean Micheal Halladay

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