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Feedback from Feb.8 and Beyond

Our readers sound off on BBQ, public lands and salad.



Cover story, Feb. 8, "Governor Salad"
None of the above! Stop asking stupid questions.
Cheryl Langston
Via Facebook

Pam Ure Thompson
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News, Feb. 8, "Going, Going, Gone?"
This needs to stop. Only the rich can afford these lands, these lands are to be used by all the people, that's why they're called public lands.
Michael Smith
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Just call [Secretary Zinke] what he is: A corporate whore.
Lynn Baker
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Where is the Patagonia CEO when you need him?
Dawn Neptune
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Private Eye, Feb. 8, "Mr. Huntsman"
Empathetic, factual, respectful and loving article. Thank you.
Vickie Folias
Via Facebook

He's gonna be missed by so many!
Suzy Jones
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He was a great guy and always shared his knowledge, wealth and care for others.
Doreen Harmon
Via Facebook

Well done, John. This comes from an old acquaintance in the beginning days of your paper. The tribute was excellent, especially recalling events from long ago. I have read his book, Winners Never Cheat, and was present for one of his talks at a convention many years ago. J.M.H. was indeed a giant in Utah and the world over.
Don Swaby
Via CW comments

John: This was such a great tribute to this wonderful man, and, I have to say, to you as well. You seem to have learned a lot from this giant of a man and you too will probably end up being praised in much the same way. You and your family were truly blessed to have had such an opportunity to rub elbows with the likes of him. And to think it started on the chicken farm.
Terri Ledding (someone who knows that chicken farm!)
Via CW comments

Dine review, Feb. 8, Kaiser's Bar-B-Q
Not too far from me, I'll have to give it a try.
Earth Storm Jacobs
Via Facebook

Close to my neighborhood. It's so good, but their hours are tricky. Wish they did dinners.
Mike Willden
Via Facebook

My favorite BBQ. In my opinion, Kaiser's is the best in town.
Joerg Kohlmann
Via Facebook

Blog post, Feb. 15, Guv talks controversial DUI bill and more during impromptu press conference
Says a man who has no clue regarding anatomy or the influence of intoxication on it ...
Jennifer Guest Billingsley
Via Facebook

Come for the snow, stay on parole.
Iris Nielsen
Via Facebook

The sober drivers in Utah are just as dangerous.
Holly Rudell
Via Facebook

More so. They're idiots!
Rebecca McCormack
Via Facebook

Indeed. On their damn phones and piss-poor driving skills.
Brian Titus
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Correction: In last week's cover story ["For the Birds," Feb. 15], we incorrectly stated Great Salt Lake Keeper founder Jeff Salt's name as Jeff Lake. #SLCproblems.

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