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Feedback From Jan. 11 and Beyond

Are they shooting for a high turnover rate?



Opinion, Jan. 11, "Plane Dogs"
I had a few comments regarding John Rasmuson's opinion piece. I'm a 20 year flight attendant for a major airline. When I started in 1997, the only animals we ever dealt with were either Seeing Eye dogs or those in carriers under the seat. If you worked the lower galley on the DC-10, you would occasionally hear dogs barking because the heated cargo hold was on the other side of the wall. Flash forward to today, when on any given flight there will be at least one emotional support dog. I have personally witnessed small pigs, ferrets, large rats, dogs bigger than me, and a monkey who smeared shit on the window. The planes have become flying zoos. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've seen these animals pee or shit on the floor of the plane or in the terminal. And then I would like a dollar for every time the owner just kept on walking without cleaning it up.

Today's flights are full. More people travel than ever before. And now we spend a ridiculous amount of time reseating passengers who can't or won't sit by Coco, the shitting monkey. You get the point. I'm grateful that Rasmuson took the time to call out these idiots who refuse to pay a fee to travel with their pets. I also know doctors who have a thriving side business writing letters to register these damn ESAs.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is spreading. I had dinner this past weekend in a very nice restaurant here in SLC with an ESA under the table next to us. Its emotionally fragile owner put half of her salmon on a saucer and put it on the floor for the dog. I was mortified.

I'm not sure what the answer is. But if you can't go about your daily life without having your pet in your lap then there is a therapist who would be happy to see you.

Thanks for letting me vent!
David Smith
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Dining review, Jan. 11, Café Machu Picchu
Don't let [critic Alex Springer] fool you. He used to eat that stuff all the time when we were growing up. When he was in 8th grade, he even wrote letters to a popular fast food chain asking for them to make a McTripe burger.
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Beer Nerd, Jan. 11, "Beer Blending 101"
Clamato and Beer.
Michael James Stone
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Mix Guinness with more Guinness and you got something nice!
Clinton Hartley
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Blog post, Jan. 11, "'I Didn't Expect to Be as Involved in This as I Am': Hughes Shares Plan to Combat Homelessness"
What he really was trying to say was that he didn't expect to find a money-making angle in the homeless situation that he could turn to his advantage.
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Blog post, Jan. 16, "LDS Church Names New President, Prophet"
Surely this 90-year-old man has progressive ideas on race, homosexuality, women's rights, and the rights of the non-religious in Utah.
Peter Muscarello
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He's 93 years old! What can the people of Utah possibly gain from a man this age? I'm so sick of seeing very old men in positions such as his. Our entire nation is plagued by geriatric leadership and geriatric world views. Isn't it time for young and vibrant minds to lead our nation? Aren't we long overdue for this? So sad.
Joe Snow
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Oh, I thought they were gonna choose a Latina woman.
Ryan Northrop
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Headline should read: "And the new oppressor of Utah is ..."
Dylan Dean Taft
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Are they shooting for a high turnover rate? Asking for a friend.
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This man could literally die from concentrating on a crossword puzzle too hard. Good luck.
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Ya know, The used car with the highest miles isn't necessarily the one you want to buy ...
Shane Larsen
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Does this mean we can fly our flags at full mast now?
Susan Stutz Atkin
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Blog post, Jan. 17, "Governor Announces Creation of Task Force Aimed at Preventing Teen Suicide"
Too bad the task force won't do much of anything especially since most are beholden to their prophets personal beliefs passed as church doctrine. But as long as we got clean air in the Valley everything will be OK. Oh, shit ...
Justin Bogenschutz
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Maybe change the Utah perfectionist culture.
Matt Morris
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It only matters if the person committing suicide isn't gay or colored. Right, Herbert?
Richard Humberg
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Step 1: Encourage guilt-free masturbation
Sean Peckham
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Blog post, Jan. 19, "Romney Watch 2018"
Douchebaggery in the 1st degree.
Clinton Hartley
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I'm already calling him Senator Romney. Let's be real here.
Mellissa Carlson
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One carpetbagger replacing another.
Mike Nickas
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