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Feedback from Jan. 17 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on women's rights, climate and Romney.



Cover story, Jan. 17, Film Festival Preview
Saw two films thus far and have loved it. Park City is doing it right.
Via Instagram

News, Jan. 17, "Climate Gods"
Expect nothing new, but the same old rhetoric of denial.
David Mellen
Via Facebook

Cinema, Jan. 17, "What Lies Ahead"
So not a single original idea, then? Nothing that isn't predicated on a backstory, a fan community, or an existing piece of media? That's pathetic.
Chris Keth
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Online news post, Jan. 15, "Smog Lake City"
The air out here is shit poison!
Harris Harold
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It's not growing. It's been bad for a long time, but it is important we take action on it.
Mike Berger
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Online news post, Jan. 19, "All In It Together"
Every human has a story, and those stories are strongest when shared with respect. That's what happened today! Truly amazing and those who choose ignorance by not opening your ears or your hearts, may you someday find the strength to open your minds and listen to the stories of others. You may be surprised with the love you will feel.
Tawna Campbell
Via Facebook

Can you imagine ... that a governing body, mostly men, wants to force a women to do what she doesn't want to do? Let that sink in. Let. That. Sink. In. I applaud this effort!
Via Instagram

Women can make changes to be equal without having to make a big deal out of it. Take golf for example. Yes. There are "women's tees" but who says women have to tee off from there? Women choose to do that and then say that they wish they were equal to men. Hit from the same tees then, no one is stopping you except yourself! Stop blaming men for problems that you can fix yourself as an "independent woman."
Nick Fox
Via Facebook

Said the mansplainer.
Katie Goldman
Via Facebook

I don't get the witches sign in the pic? Witches? Was unaware there was a significant witch population back in the day.
James McCormick
Via Facebook

I can't believe in 2019 women still have to march for equal pay, same rights, etc. Ugh!
Colonae Christensen
Via Instagram

It was a great turnout!
Jaime David Romo
Via Instagram

I think all these women need to go to a third world country and find out what it's like to have no rights. We have way more rights and make more money than most women throughout the world.
Via Instagram

I wouldn't assume that none of the women in attendance have spent time in developing countries. My guess is that more than a handful have. It seems like you are suggesting (and forgive me, if I have misunderstood) that these women should not speak up and move forward because women in developing countries "have it worse." That is no different than saying we shouldn't buy new clothes, upgrade our cars, phones, or appliances, expect better education for our children, or a fair justice system, etc. because developing countries are "worse off than we are." I have spent some time in developing countries and am very well aware of the differences in how women are viewed and treated—for some of us, that is why we march—to continue forward motion.
Jacqueline Pullos
Via Instagram

Just because things are "good" doesn't mean they can't be made better.
Via Instagram

Online news post, Jan. 23, "Romney's Room"
Look, it's the guy from Massachusetts.
Albert Garcia
Via Facebook

[Romney is] light years out of touch with the average person. He should stick to sucking money out of companies and forcing jobs overseas.
Via Twitter

Common ground—most people think the wall is nothing more than a stunt and a vanity project.
Bonnie Tryonoviech
Via Facebook

The most embarrassing Utah failure EVER.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

Boy, did we fuck up.
Michael Farrell
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