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Feedback from Jan. 2 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on living in a van, the new mayor and a gubernatorial hopeful.



Cover story, Jan. 2, "Happy Brew Year"
"Under the guidance of head brewer Nils Imboden, Wasatch offers styles of lagers and ales that are as tasty as they are diverse. Imboden's enthusiasm has been catching the eye of thirsty beer nerds!" Thanks, City Weekly!
Wasatch Brewery
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Thanks for the thoughtful mention Utah Beer Blog in this week's issue of City Weekly. Twelve local breweries to watch in 2020. We are prepping our brewhouse and tanks right now to start brewing Monday. In the meantime come in for collaboration beers, great food and a mellow atmosphere.
Bewilder Brewing Co.
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News, Jan. 2, "Van Life"
Is this person, and others doing this, actually hurting anyone? I don't think so. If people don't like it, maybe we should be working together to make housing more affordable, or pay livable wages, or make college more affordable. Or all of those things. Until then, people will do what they need to do to survive.
Cody Johnson
Via Facebook

We were just talking about this (mostly joking, but not) for our daughter, and her plans as she heads out of state next year for an expensive education, including housing on top of that with an amazing scholarship.
Rakel Marie
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Isn't this just called being "homeless"?
Corban Anderson
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Depends on what you qualify as a home. If you mean you have to have a stationary brick and mortar, then yes. However, would you consider a retired couple living out of an RV and traveling homeless? Likely not. There is a growing number of people who want the freedom from rent or mortgage and set up their van as a tiny home. I live downtown, and there's a ton of these with solar panels, tiny kitchen and some with full bathrooms parked on the streets.
Jennifer Guest Billingsley
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Nomadic is when you travel around to many places. This student don't [sic] have my sympathy for squatting in our forests.
Mannie Lugo
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Apartments are $900 a month plus deposits. Some want last month's rent plus utilities and internet ... living in a van with no place to park it because that can cost money is not the solution to the housing crisis ... renting a room is up to $550 plus deposit ... employers complete background checks and if you are living in a van without an address, you cannot have a job.
Christine Cohen
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Online news post, Jan. 6, "A New Path: Mayor Erin Mendenhall calls for unity in her swearing-in"
I think you mean, make way for the inland port!
Erin Bain
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Thank God. Anyone is better than Biskupski.
James Dee
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Online news post, Jan. 4, "Cox Rocks: Lt. Gov. (and his band) kick off signature-gathering initiative"
Rock out with his Cox out.
Virgil Glass
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"If you donate a lot of money, we'll stop playing"
Tanner Ainge
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My Body, My Choice
I am writing regarding Sen. Mike Lee's signature on the brief asking the Supreme Court to once again review Roe v. Wade. His decision to do so is extremely disappointing, as it takes fundamental health care out of the hands of women who need it. It is my body, to do with as I see fit; I am not a human incubator. I am a flesh and blood woman with a full, complex life (as opposed to the potential for life which you and your colleagues so ravenously fight for).

His religious beliefs and values do not trump my bodily autonomy. He is giving more rights to corpses (who cannot have vital organs taken from their body without prior consent) than he is to women. It is shameful.
Carly Gustaveson,
Salt Lake City