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Feedback from Jan. 23 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on development and prophylactics.



News, Jan. 23, "Head for the Hills"
Ben McAdams squashed this ridiculous plan when he was county mayor, hopefully it stays that way! It's already too overbuilt for the infrastructure.
John Chambers-Thieling
Via Facebook

Dine, Jan. 23, "Yes, Queen: South Salt Lake's Chickqueen is here to expand your fried chicken borders"
They're so good and the family that runs it is the sweetest!
Tammy Carter
Via Facebook

This place is really good.
Jon-Michael LeDuc
Via Facebook

Online news post, Jan. 23, "Politics and Prophylactics"
I find it offensive that as a Buddhist, I have to follow the rules of the LDS church or else I get looked at like I'm a repeat felon. "All of us ought to be offended by that" eh, Gov. Gary Herbert?
Ronnie Schluter
Via Facebook

Utah government is not, and for ages, has not been working for the citizens of Utah, but against them. We have lost all respect for our local governments and I doubt you can regain that respect.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

It's only crass if the idea of sex education/awareness makes you uncomfortable. I thought it imaginative and effective. Or, it would have been if we didn't have 19th-century minds addressing 21st-century problems.
Dennis Read Hanks
Via Twitter

Gary Herbert is a clueless and petty little man with no sense of humor.
Steve Decaria
Via Facebook

I think it's funny that SL,UT is the part he says is offensive. They put that on T-shirts and everyone puts it on Facebook. I think there is even a billboard with it on it LMAO.
Adan Espana
Via Facebook

His point is that the government should not be providers or promoters of offensive giveaways. A private company could produce them.
Susan Shreeve
Via Facebook

If they were using the sexual innuendos in a third-grade math class, he might have a point. But the innuendos were on condoms.
Via Twitter

Sexual innuendo, or STIs and unintended pregnancy, I do declare it's all too much for my simple female mind to endure.
Tawny Hammell-Spriggs
Via Twitter

Just curious governor, who'd you vote for in 2016? The crass guy that makes sexual innuendos and double entendres, or someone else?
Via Twitter

I thought it was a pretty clever way to get their message out. People need to stop getting offended by everything.
Brandon Taylor
Via Facebook

Only locker room talk, guys! Says Gov. Herbert as he "... strains at a gnat after swallowing a camel ..."
Marcus Stucki
Via Twitter

Nothing worse than a Boomer prude.
Ryan Northrop
Via Facebook

As I recall, Gov. Herbert didn't think it was a good idea for Harmons Grocery to weigh in on the tax reform uproar either, and I'll bet he knows even less about STD prevention than groceries or taxes.
Troy H.
Via Twitter

He didn't pull the campaign because anyone got offended. They pulled the campaign because the state government was getting dangerously close to doing the right thing for the first time since the prohibition vote and we can't have that now, can we?
Mike Nickas
Via Facebook

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