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Feedback from Jan. 31 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on "the Utah way," the .05 law and socialism.



Cover story, Jan. 31, "Caught in the Immigration Maze"
Kate Bacher
Via Instagram

Nice. Now tell us the truth. I'm sure you are holding back some facts. Trump 2020.
Dean Michael Halladay

News, Jan. 24, "Banking on Coal"
Funny that no major wind or solar farms have been installed in the last 10 years in Utah. It's great saying coal costs more but why haven't these alternative energy sources popped up in Utah?
Matt Morris
Via Facebook

I wouldn't bank on coal. It's time to utilize the natural resources available in Utah. Hydro and wind. They're both renewable and won't run out like coal will.
Diane Armstrong
Via Facebook

Little lesson from a finance guy. The only way to switch to clean energy is to provide a better cost/benefit. [Rocky Mountain Power] is a public company under Pacificorp. It's the fiduciary responsibility of the board of Pacificorp directors to spend money that generates the biggest returns to shareholders. Investing for "a better environment" isn't measurable in dollars, so the operational expense is put where it generates the most revenue.
Peter Muscarello
Via Facebook

Online news post, Jan. 30, "Limited Influence"
Everyone here drives like they are at .05.
Scott Weaver
Via Twitter

Online News Post, Jan. 31, "It's the Utah Way, Baby!"
[Gov. Gary Herbert] is one reason young people are drawn the other way. Who needs his brand of politics?!
Edwin Firmage
Via Facebook

Each time he says "socialism" it seems you could replace it with "not being Republican."
Brad Midgley
Via Twitter

Everyone hates socialism until there is snow on the roads. Then it's like where the hell is that plow?
Andy Jorgensen
Via Facebook

Those 481 snow plow drivers do it for fun, Andy. There's no publicly funded program that pays them to clear our roads. No correlation here.
Benjamin Daniel Hoerst
Via Facebook

Don't forget public schools, public highways, and much more. They want democratic socialist services without calling them that.
John Keahey
Via Twitter

Wow, he's got nerve saying that he's fighting for the people's voices to be heard after what he helped do with Prop 2.
Diane Armstrong
Via Facebook

And just how many years has Herbert been living off taxpayer welfare?
Fred A. Schmauch
Via Twitter

Socialism is actually good, if you had a college education you might know that, Gary.
Tyler Riggs
Via Twitter

Maybe he meant he was disturbed that his generation and fellow politicians have exploited every resource for personal and corporate gain, leaving little more than crisis for the next generation and creating a world where socialism might appear to be a better way.
Joe Schmidt
Via Facebook

I like how it's always excluded middle with these guys. Could it be that younger generations appreciate some aspects of socialism (investment in social programs and infrastructure) without accepting it, wholesale? Nah! Nuance sucks, amiright?
Colby Peterson
Via Twitter

A moderate political position seems socialist to this guy.
Sean Devlin
Via Facebook

Says the man who has fed from the public trough all his life.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

This generation has learned that our version of capitalism no longer works for the majority of U.S. citizens. It only works when unions are strong and able to force corporate capitalists to give the workers their share of the profits the workers created.
Sharon Wendt
Via Facebook

Isn't Utah's liquor system socialism at its finest?
Tom Wharton
Via Twitter

Well, the church literally commands socialism, so I can understand why there may be some confusion on the issue.
Scott Allen
Via Twitter

Online News Post, Feb. 4, "Taking a Gamble"
This is what the government does. Bullshit with stupid issues to look like they are doing something, meanwhile important issues get sidetracked and the planet is in the condition it is in.
Dave Caldwell
Via Facebook

This is what our morons in the Legislature think is priority. They all need to go.
Deanna Bishoff Garcia
Via Facebook

Online news post, Jan. 24, "Guv says, 'I'm a pro-life guy'"
Pro-birth. He doesn't care for kids after they are born.
James Rohling
Via Facebook

Oh hell no. If you have a penis, you do not get a say in this discussion. Once science can force a man to carry a pregnancy to term, we can talk.
Jamie Lee Dillier
Via Facebook

Not really. Are you for single payer? Affordable housing? Affordable education? Because most "pro-life" people I've met don't want to fund these things because of "big government spending."
James Rohling
Via Facebook

Science has advanced. Methyl mercury from coal causes spontaneous abortion and birth defects. Clean up our air if you're a pro-life guy.
N. Shane Cutler
Via Facebook

Republicans believe in science?
Bryan Orvis
Via Facebook

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