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Feedback from Jan. 9 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on fentanyl, Trump and shrimp and grits.



Cover story, Jan. 9, "Nano Killer"
Excellent article. Informative!
C.J. Southworth
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Isn't the drug war great?
Dave Caldwell
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Opinion, Jan. 9, "Trump's Ten Commandments"
Finally, I see that others see the light! Thank you, Michael S. Robinson.
Lorna Hardy
Via CW comments

I did it again—wasting my precious time reading Mr. Robinson's Ten Commandments piece of garbage. Seems like if time could be reversed to Hitler's time, and Mr. Trump was involved in an attempt to assassinate the supreme leader of the Third Reich, Mr. Robinson would side with Hitler just to show his contempt against Mr. Trump.
Mannie Lugo

To opine that another will just "fill the hole" left by Suleimani after his killing implies Iranian people are not warm, caring humans but automatons who can be replaced at will to do the murderous bidding of their supreme leader. So really, what's the point as "those people" just do as they're told and it can't be helped? I disagree in the strongest way possible.
Alexis Kasperavicius

News, Jan. 9, "Give Them Shelter"
Thank you for this article! It's pleasant and refreshing to see reporting on this issue that does more than take press statements from city authorities at face value. Looking at some other local news, it seems like their coverage of these protests is to either ignore them or try to portray any action to bring attention to the many issues faced by the homeless as senseless foolery by crazed radicals with a nefarious agenda. There's a lot to be said on this issue, and the way local government and media chooses to address it. Thank you for taking the time to do some on-the-ground reporting!
Jake Wilks

Wow. A newspaper that actually does its job? In Utah? I'm shocked! Some of both sides? I enjoyed this article very much. As for survival gear being taken, I can't pull a tent down in 5 minutes like the homeless are ordered to disperse in that time. Anything left behind is taken by police. Of course, they call that trash now.
Dianna Johnson

That sounds like some serious drama.
Marshall E. Barnes
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Sounds like the inmates are running the prison. There used to be laws against being a piece of shit drug addict. Don't we have vagrancy laws?
Kerry Knowles
Via Facebook

By putting them in jail and making it harder for them to get out of their current situation? And costing taxpayers even more than just helping them? Eventually it'll work. Never has before, but, maybe this time? Thoughts and prayers? This is the way so sayeth the lord? I mean anything is possible if you believe hard enough, right? You've done nothing but try to make life difficult for anyone who isn't you. You'd rather kick them while they're down than extend a hand up. Pathetic.
Jake Willard
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Restaurant review, Jan. 9, Sauce Boss
The owner and his family are amazing people.
Destiny Lanier
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Best shrimp and grits!
Brett Coffin
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Make sure to get the hibiscus drink.
Kelly Ludlow Colby
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Looks like a non-gluten sensitive place.
Joe Stewart
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