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Feedback from January 14 and Beyond



"Lies ... and Big Lies," Jan. 14 cover story
All good conservatives are going home and calling for peace, so we can find out who actually does want an insurrection. All good liberals are also playing nice and telling everyone to stay home, so they do not get caught up in the sweep. If anyone has a problem with this, talk to the U.S. military.
Justin Whitney
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Thank you for fact-based reporting. Feel really sorry about those lost in the world of conspiracy that led to the death of Americans.
Debbie Egbert
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"Election Consequences," Jan. 14 Private Eye column
If big tech do not take a pass on Utah, I will boycott them for not doing so. There must be consequences.
Mike Schmauch
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Those data centers take lots of water that we don't have. Nothing to see here, carry on elsewhere.
Dan Fz
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Censoring Skeptics
Clearly, Project Censored (Dec. 31) is just one more uber-leftist outfit complaining that an already hopelessly leftist press is not yet leftist enough. This reminds us of Noam Chomsky's long-standing demonizing of the press (and of America) and of Amy Goodman's (of Democracy Now) deploring a lack of immediate mainstream coverage of the Standing Rock protests (the arsonist is always first on the scene). Let's take just one example from Rosenberg:

"As to the second major conflict, 'Members of the U.S. Senate are heavily invested in the fossil fuel companies that drive the current climate crisis, creating a conflict between those senators' financial interests as investors and their responsibilities as elected representatives,' Project Censored wrote."

Significance of this charge depends on quite a few assumptions, chief of which are that fossil fuels are dangerous and oil companies are evil. Consumers, the hapless idiots who drive cars and heat their homes, are no more guilty than drug addicts who couldn't use if not for their capitalist suppliers.

And these complaints depend in turn on the assumption that climate change is a serious problem caused by investors in the evil industry when the real tragedy is that skeptics of CO2 warming are given no voice whatever in scientific publications, let alone in the press. William Happer, who holds a chair in physics at Princeton, could not get a skeptical paper published recently in any legacy science publication, and hardly a paper in the country reported that fact.

Few paragraphs of Rosenberg's report are undeserving of ridicule; Project Censored is one more propaganda machine looking for useful idiots. Welcome to City Weekly.
Arthur Glenn Foster Jr.

If You Love Your Neighbor
Trump says take the vaccine. Biden says take the vaccine. Scientists say take the vaccine. God says take the vaccine. The devil says take the vaccine. Yet many of those who work with sick people won't take the vaccine because their friend Dumbo the flying elephant says don't take the vaccine.

This is a massive failure of the churches whose job it is to teach people how to love their neighbors. This is a massive failure of schools and universities to teach us how vaccines have saved the planet many times in the past. This is a massive failure of government to inspire trust in our institutions. This is a massive failure of the American people who have the greatest technology in the universe at their fingertips and won't use it.

Don't tell me you are pro-life or pro-abortion and won't take the vaccine. Don't tell me you are pro-America, pro-union, pro-business, pro-women, pro-environment. Or that you're anti-tax or anti-bullying and won't take the vaccine. You are a part of the problem, not the solution.
Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross