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Feedback from July 1 and Beyond



"Stockton's Big Turnover," June 24 Private Eye column
At the end of John Saltas' column, he suggested that John Stockton should "shut up."

Why is that? Or do you not believe in free speech?

Mr. Stockton has every right to say what he believes, as do you. As do all of us in a free country.

Why are liberals always telling people they disagree with to "shut up" and/or ridiculing them? That is the more important question.

Also, Saltas' mention of Terance Mann was weak. Mr. Mann needs more than one great game before we compare him to Steph Curry, a sure Hall-of-Famer.
Chris Chudik

"Dunk 'Em, Donovan," July 1 Private Eye column
Well done, Mitchell! Proud of the man you are, the community you respect and your willingness to try to improve the circumstances of others. I'm rooting for you.
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"Brewvies Reopens,"by Alex Springer
So glad they are back!
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We love our neighbors!
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Now, if the prudes would stop trying to ban rated-R movies.
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