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Feedback from July 11 and Beyond

Readers share their opinions on the Utah's older population, its checked-out population and its 'deranged' U.S. representative.



Opinion, July 11, "Utah's Bad Report Card: No 'A' For The Aging Population"
Excellent article by Michael S. Robinson Sr.! Utah's governor and legislators don't give a shit about the tax burden on seniors. In a state that is ran by a supposedly Christian gaggle of old farts, one would hope that a modicum of Christ-like concern for the elderly would be present. Instead, they happily tax the seniors, many of whom are on fixed incomes while passing on tax generating opportunities like the sinful lottery. May they all rot in hell.
Richard Penman,

Dine, July 11, Big Tortas
The Cubana. It's the best with limewater made at the time you order.
David Aparicio
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Online news post, July 11, "Port This! Multi-group protest storms the Chamber of Commerce building."
Gov. Gary Herbert has no gift for words.
Rikard Harward Pearson
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Checked Out
Dear Editor, 
Utahns have checked out of the United States of America ... for a second time. The first time, of course, being the trek of 1847. Utahns don't read books or newspapers much. Utahns stay away from discussions about politics. Utahns leave control of the community to the professional politicians. Utahns define the "kingdom" as the church. Utahns want to get credit for democracy without participating in it. I must admit though, in all these things, Utahns are like most Americans. I guess this time most Americans have checked out of the United States, too. Just one problem. I thought Utahns were supposed to be better than average Americans.

Robert Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross

McAdams Is Deranged
The socialist Democrats' deranged hatred of President Donald Trump reached a new pathetic level on July 16, with Ben McAdams voting to circumvent the rules of the House of Representatives to allow Nancy Pelosi to call Trump a racist.

The rules of the House, until that day's sad episode, were extremely clear, as one reporter noted "Jefferson's manual literally says you can't refer to a statement by the President as racist on the House floor." But the Democrats' hatred of Trump apparently overrode their adherence to Thomas Jefferson's rulebook written in 1801, so they simply voted to circumvent the rules.

So next time Ben McAdams tries to talk up his bipartisanship back home in his district that was carried by Trump, just remember that he literally voted with the socialist Democrats to call him a racist.
Torunn Sinclair,
Regional press secretary, National Republican Congressional Committee

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