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Feedback from July 15 and Beyond



"Rocky's Third Act" July 15 Cover Story
Old narcissists never die, nor do they fade away. Honestly, no one cared what Rocky Anderson had to say on any level except for a very few in Salt Lake City.

He really wasn't much of a mayor. None of my friends outside of Utah have ever heard of him. Perhaps narcissism is too harsh a word. Maybe egocentrism and cliche-ridden would have been better.

My thought about his current efforts to make himself relevant are that, by siphoning off Democratic votes, he must be financed covertly by the Utah Republican Party to prevent any real change from taking place.

BTW, I feel the same way about the Green Party: self-defeating in Utah by their very existence.
Steve Ifshin
Salt Lake City

A strong third party would rein in the two we have.
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Good for Rocky, I'll have to check out his new party.
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A Stream of Consciousness
Your June 24 cover story, "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out," brought back these memories: Three-finger lid (stems and seeds included). Dime bag. Acid. Purple Haze, Orange Sunshine, Windowpane, Sandoz, Owsley. Clear Light. Albert Hofmann. Electric Kool-Aid. Magic Mushrooms. Mary Jane. Pot. Doors to Donovan. Fear and Loathing as well as consternation and wonder from the "straight set."

"How can we capitalize on all this?"—asked by the government all the way down to street vendors/dealers (who added oregano and cumin to pot and hash for "substance"). The Farm. The Brotherhood of the Sun (Sunburst). Back-to-the-land hippie movements: Taylor Camp, Hawaii.

"Strange Brew." Far out. Tie dye. Macrame. India block-print fabrics. Paisley. Leather sandals. Bell-bottoms. Granny glasses. Afros. Poster art. "War is not healthy for children and other living things." "Fight for peace. F—k for virginity." "Keep on truckin'."

Free love. Get high. Stoned, straight. Jesus Freaks. Huxley, Hesse, Kesey. "It's not my bag." Trippy. Wow. Hang-ups. Out-front. Joplin, Slick, Mitchell. Woodstock.

For some of us in America, the '60s were a really good time to be alive.
Tom Dawson

"Making It Count" July 9 News Story on Redistricting
I hope Gov. Cox has the courage to veto the unbalanced garbage that the Legislature will no doubt come up with.
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"House of the Rising Dutch Baby," July 15 Dining Review
Thank you, Alex Springer, for the wonderful write up. I am happy to hear about your experiences.

Also, to everyone involved: Thanks for all the great work. Local journalism is such an important and valuable piece of the community. I appreciate all that you do!
Josh Divelbiss
GM, Original Pancake House, West Valley

"Tunes for Pies, Beers & Pioneers" July 15 Music Feature
As an ex-SLC resident, it's been a source of amusement reading how some residents have taken a side-eye look at the city. Keep it up, y'all!
Mark Richardson
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