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Feedback from July 25 and Beyond

Our readers opine on Zinke, cannabis and Mormonism.



Cover story, July 26, The Cannabis Issue
Yay get the word out. Cannabis is medicine. Change is needed in [Utah Politics].
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Certainly contained information I was unaware of and prodded me to cogitate on!
C.J. Southworth
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Moved out of Utah to Oregon on wait for it ... 4/20. Wasn't on purpose. Moved for my health and husband's job. I'm working on getting a job at a dispensary and help others in pain. Is there any chance you could mail me a hard copy of this issue. Thanks so much, always loved you guys.
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Opinion, July 26, "The Sump Trummit"
More Trump Derangement Syndrome. Whoever [sic] wrote that article? Was probably the shit, in the room, that the fly was sitting on eating every juicy morsel of it. HAHAHAAA Liberals! PROGRESSIVE PROPAGANDA.

Like they'd let anyone lower than themselves in on that conversation. [This] only proves how low the media machine will go!
David Mellen
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Online news post, July 25, Secretary Zinke comes to Utah for the Days of '47 rodeo
The claim is that Zinke/Trump's actions will bring jobs and prosperity to the local people. Has anyone asked Mike Noel or Rob Bennett to show us a study as to how many jobs or how much prosperity comes from the great patriot and a great friend of Utah? I understand how this move will benefit Mike Noel and his ranch but how does it benefit the county in general?
Sara Pittman
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Zinke needs to learn the difference between religious freedom and being free to join someone's religion. In fact, a great many people need to learn that difference.
Dustin Clark
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Why does he have to come to Utah to tell those lies? Don't the people of Montana want more of the piece of crap they created?
Mike Schmauch
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Make America a Champion of Human Rights! How we are currently treating human beings is horrendous under the trump regime.
Catherine Matthews
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Zinke should go back to being a geologist.
Ryan Northrop
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He made it possible for the sale of public lands to the fuel industry. Everything is for sale in Trump's America.
Sara Richardson Williams
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They both suck.
Deanna Bishoff Garcia
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Online news post, July 27, MormonLeaks team puts its transparency crusade into historical context
Non too damn sacred any longer.
Mike Schmauch
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Mormon policy: If it is good, show it, if it is bad, don't let anyone know it. Hide the bad but advertise, yes, proclaim anything that might be good, but work just as hard to erase the bad. Their image is more important than the lives of its members. Disgusting! When fellow Mormons kill other Mormons then you can be sure the LDS work(s) hard to make it a hush-hush secret. The LDS church must be trying hard to make it a secret that John O'Connor was an active Mormon when this past Sunday [July 22] he shot up his Ward. Many articles are glaringly absent of this most unusual, unique, and very newsworthy point. Church shootings are rare, especially in the U.S., but for a member to shoot at his own fellow believers is unheard of. However, many articles seem to hide that the shooter was also a "good" Mormon. Had it been the other way around and "Bert" shot and killed O'Connor, you can be sure the church would then glorify John O'Connor as a hero, who was a "good Mormon" that helped the community in so many areas. It is all for show, but things like this allow others to see their true colors. The crazy thing is that for many decades the Mormon church promoted the belief that black people were cursed for Cain's murder of his brother until the "prophet" got a new vision from one of their gods that god changed his mind and blacks are not second-rate humans after all. If a fellow Mormon like O'Connor killed another fellow Mormon then maybe it is the Mormons that are cursed?

10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. 11 For this is the message that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. 12 Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother—1 John 3:10-12
William Kelly

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