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Feedback from July 5 and Beyond

Our readers sound off on MormonLeaks, carbon and cookies.



Cover story, July 5, "Latter-day Leaks"
Craig Schroerlucke
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Why do you losers care? I have Mormon neighbors who I like way better than you left-wing lunatics.
Kerry Knowles
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Shine that light, baby. Let the truth free. Whatever is left can crawl back under a rock.
Ami Adkins
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Thank you for this incredible cover story!
Christina Robohm
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Before going at length about the evils of religion, and religious believers (implied), I would remind readers that Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong and Adolf Hitler—who collectively killed about 30 million people—were atheists and pure evil.
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Firstly, atheism is merely the lack of belief in the existence of a deity. It doesn't mandate anything whatsoever; it doesn't command anything.
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If [MormonLeaks founder Ryan McKnight] doesn't believe in [Mormonism], why doesn't he just move on with his life like a normal person? I did.
Russell Greer
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Private Eye, July 5, "Headlines Matter"
Dear John, (now there is a headline!)

I'm writing to say how much I appreciate the Private Eye slot in CW. Very much like the addition of Aspen Perry's new eccentric voice, yours and all the other contributors. I do miss Stephen Dark's articles, though.

I do literally relate to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as my father was production design on the original version of the film and I was on the set a number of times. In fact, this is actually a completely true headline: "Teenager Makes the First 'Pod.''' And there is a story that isn't revealed in the headline, nor herein.

The film is aptly mentioned as quintessential capturing of faux that has been the grail of my work as an artist—and at the same time interesting to grab that for your purpose re. headlines, when so much of our news is not news but blather gossip without substance. We wonder where has truth gone, as little Jimmy says in Body Snatchers: "My mother is not my mother!" There's a good headline for an article about plastic surgery, transexual parenting or ...
Jann Haworth,
Salt Lake City

Hits & Misses, July 5, "Renewable Savings"
Coal is cheap and plentiful. Without subsidies, renewables are a shitshow. Maybe you could start a GoFundMe page?
Kerry Knowles
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Straight Dope, July 5, "Brain Drain"
It's always a good idea to do a little research on your meds and supplements that you put into your body.
Linda Phillips Newman
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Brain supplements? Well, they help detoxify your wallet a little.
Dustin Clark
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Dine, July 5, "Get These Cookies!"
The homemade chocolate chip cookies sold by a boy in the 900 South Caffé Expresso driveway are really hard to beat. He sets up a card table there most Saturdays.
Daniel Love

You missed the best in town by not mentioning Goodly Cookies.
Ron Henson
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Online news post, July 6, More than 100 immigrants and refugees are naturalized
Hey, liberal filth paper! It's ILLEGAL immigration at the border that matters, not legal immigrants or war-torn refugees becoming U.S. Citizens. That's great, but illegal filth is not!
Bob Erickson
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