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Feedback from June 11 and Beyond



"Mitt & Me "
by Chris Vanocur
Always a great storyteller.
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I love this.
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Wow, Chris Vanocur is back.
Ricky Joe Montoya
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Enjoyed this article, informative and good background.
CJ Southworth
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"Cut Bait, GOP "
by John Saltas

Can we just get a functioning adult for president and maybe ditch this two-party bullshit for multiple parties?
We live in a country founded on the ideologies of different cultures. Why are we only representing two ideologies when I can't agree more than 50% with either of the current parties?
Kevin Kirk
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Outstanding article, John Saltas. Hope Utah will get together to vote Mike Lee out!
Peggy Gonzales
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I don't read the City Weekly Democratic-bias newspaper—Sorry!
Steven Zervos
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Welp, that was unwise to put in a city that is majority Republicans. Unfollowing you and will never, ever, ever read City Weekly again. Buh- bye.
Preston Pratt
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Seems funny how a media outlet such as yourself can put up something this hateful, disrespectful and untrue about a person, and then they will whine and cry if someone were to write about them in that manner. Bias at its finest. Good job. So much "journalisming" happening here.
Brett Mattice
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This is an opinion piece. It's not attempting to be anything else. You're entitled to your opinion as well. That's what free speech is.
Johanna Hofer
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"Lucky Charm "
by Alex Springer

I am so happy to welcome Lucky's Iron Door Roadhouse to the neighborhood.
Such a great addition to West Jordan and Jordan Landing.
Melinda McDonald
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