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Feedback from June 20 and Beyond

Readers share their opinions on aliens, sex workers and pro-life rallies.



Cover story, June 20, "Life Levitated"

UFOs? Got my interest.
Jeff Terich
Via Twitter

Seriously? First ghosts and now aliens? When are people going to grow the hell up?
Diane Armstrong
Via Facebook

Great article. I hope the UFO fest continues to grow!
Tom Bennett

Nice article, Peter Holslin! Thanks for showing up and sharing your experience at the Utah UFO Festival! Awesome information about it all. Cool to see a couple pictures with me in them. Keep up the good work.

Peter, it's so good! Please update me about the sandwiches and also, the cuyamaca guy.
Julia Dixon Evans
Via Twitter

Thank you so much for spending the weekend with us and such a great article. I hope you can join us next year.
Heinee Hinrichsen

Hi, I know this isn't the point of sharing this story, but I have to say I really like the digital layout of this piece.
Candice Eley
Via Twitter

News, June 20, "Taking the Plunge: Inside the legal and moral struggle to legalize sex work"

It's about time. Victims never deserved to be prosecuted when reporting crimes.
Courtnie Russell
Via Facebook

The issue is not legalization; it's helping people see the logic and reason behind it. Otherwise we'll keep finding ourselves in this ridiculous battle between emotions and reason.
Via Twitter

Online news post, June 19, "Triggered: Pro-life organization seeks to end elective abortions in the state"

If you love babies and mommas then you have to actually support them after birth. How about affordable health care for a start?
Charity O'Haodagain
Via Facebook

Hmm. Are they supporting and using adoption agencies and foster care in their areas? Are they supporting single-payer health care, and strengthening education and childcare options? This is a personal/public boundary that needs to be respected as to privacy, personal needs vs. judgemental invasions with high cruelty and little merit.
Marie Larsen
Via Facebook

Ummm, know what has lifelong consequences? Having a baby. That's what has literal physical, mental, and emotional lifelong consequences. But I'm guessing this woman would say that those are the consequences that a girl signs up for when she chooses to have sex. If you are really interested in reducing abortion rates, why on earth would you defund Planned Parenthood—an organization that helps countless girls and women avoid unplanned pregnancies ...
Katie Jean Mason Grey
Via Facebook

Sad, misguided, tragic busybodies. What other women do is none of their business.
Mike Scmauch
Via Facebook

This issue is basically a single-issue-voter issue. It's something Republicans use to get voters, and they're probably fully aware and conscious of this tactic.
Blaine Lafreniere
Via Facebook

I invite them to leave Utah.
Karen Clay Cooley
Via Facebook

I don't see them inviting an addict mama into their home with their kids supporting and paying for them. Just look at the homeless shelter. I'm sure there are a lot of babies needing saving.
Raelynn Johnson
Via Facebook

Like what consequences? Life imprisonment? What are these lifelong consequences and what of them? Who is anyone to determine what another person should do with her body or cause them to face consequences outside of the scope of their own personal ramifications. The mental emotional consequences are real. They should be talked about. They should be set out as warnings. But making abortion illegal is not going to stop the choice that women would make. The situation above many others needs to be treated with sensitivity by the people involved—health professionals, social workers, families—not the government!
Heather M. Colson
Via Facebook

Yup, that's a lot of #Karen haircuts. Thanks, #Karen.
C. Roy Pitcher
Via Facebook

After reading your June 20 This Modern World cartoon by Tom (was over the hill yesterday and will be forgotten) Tomorrow, I had an epiphany.

Tomorrow claims that after a zombie virus attacks all Republicans and Trump loses, Republican zombies will "be willing to work together to get things done!" My rebuttal is as follows: Tom, there will be an epiphany by the Republicans, yes there will be. But that epiphany will be that Republicans will always remain hungry because Democrats don't have any brains, lol.
David Jansen,
An Independant (sic) voter