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Feedback from June 24 and Beyond



No Maricopa Madness in Utah
There's only one way that these extra-constitutional "partisan vote audits" can possibly end, and that's with violence. That should be evident to anyone paying attention. What's more alarming is that now Rep. Steve Christiansen, R-West Jordan, wants to do it here in Salt Lake County.

After a trip down to Arizona's Maricopa County to take in the Cyber Ninja QAnonsense partisan "audit" of the county's already twice audited and certified ballots, Christiansen thinks it would be great to conduct a similar audit here.

Well, sure, Steve, we can waste a few months watching rabid conspiracy theorists tear through our voting infrastructure while well-armed domestic terror groups gather around the venue.

Cyber Ninjas, the hacker group picked by the Big Lie believers in the Arizona Senate, are led by a proven "Stop the Steal" conspiracy lunatic. They had no idea whatsoever how to conduct an audit, but they sure knew how to spread crazy lies about Arizona election officials. They wanted to throw them all in jail, you know, just ... because. Never mind that they were Republicans who were just doing their jobs.

Cyber Ninjas, it seems, have painted themselves into one hell of a corner. They clearly fear/worship Trump far too much to tell the truth, that yes, Virginia, Biden really did win. The truth simply isn't an option. So, when their long-awaited report finally does come out, it will inevitably support the Big Lie, and those people who were just doing their jobs could face threats and violence.

If the Cyber Ninjas come out and tell the truth (which seems unlikely in the extreme), the well-armed Big Lie supporters will boil over and reach what nuclear physicists call a "criticality," where things will inevitably get ugly.

I am just one voter pleading with anyone who will listen: Please—for the love of our city, county and beautiful state—tell Steve Christiansen where he can stuff his ballot "audit" idea.
K. Marlo Yost

"Stockton's Big Turnover," June 24 Private Eye Column
Surprised to find that bouncing a round ball really well has nothing to do with anything else about a human being. Next, you're going to tell me the rich and attractive aren't actually nice people.
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He spent significant time researching on YouTube. I mean, come on.
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This "I've lost so much respect for (whoever) because they don't believe exactly what I believe" way of society is what drives divisiveness. What ever happened to agreeing to disagree, and still being OK with one another?
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Stockton's stock went way down after this.
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The only turnover is that you're vilifying a person for thinking for themselves.
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So disappointing that such a legend on the court is now a laughing stock of Spokane.
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I'm sick of news media bashing anyone and anything just because they don't think or act the way you think they would.
Chris Evans
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My thoughts are that just because a person is good or even great at one thing doesn't make them qualified to be an expert at anything else. Anyone is entitled to their own opinion and live accordingly. And we are entitled to ignore them.
Jody Eastman
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