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Feedback from June 28 and Beyond

Readers sound off on Mexican food, cat shows and socialist propaganda.



Cover story, June 28, "Herding Cats"
A huge thank you to Scott Renshaw for the fantastic coverage of the Cat Fanciers 2018 Rocky Mountain Roundup cat show!
Wild West Cat Fanciers
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Where do I enter?
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Subtitle should be: "A typical weekend for a feminist."
Craig Schroerlucke
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I remember when City Weekly used to have in-depth investigative pieces of importance.
David Cordyceps

As a breeder of show quality cats, I think that this piece is very in depth. I guess the level of importance that you place on the piece depends on who you are. To the more than 5,000 registered members of The International Cat Association, I would say this article was extremely important!
Lynzcey R. Klein

Opinion, June 28, "American Terrorist"
So true!
Connie Piña
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[Author Michael S.] Robinson reminds me of Chomsky: "the Republican party is the most dangerous organization in human history." He talks like a socialist propagandist.
A.G. Foster

What color is the sky in the world of deranged leftists? I can only imagine what will come after the losses in November.
Mike Stapley
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Must be scary to live in your effed up version of reality.
These People Voted
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It's a great place to be. Put your anger aside for a bit and enjoy the ride.
Mike Stapley
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Hits & Misses, June 28, "Stranger Danger"
City Weekly and Kathy Biele: Love you guys, but I don't think "You might think that those illegal immigrant children have it bad, but listen to the ideas for Utah school children," is an accurate comparison or a funny joke.
K.C. Fralick
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Dine June 28, "Tamales, Tortas and Tires"
One of my favorite places! Inspectors from Health Department told me about it many years ago.
Terri Ledding
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Online news post, June 30, "Make American Presidents Impeachable Again"
You mean like Willy Clinton?
K.S. Valenti
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Clinton was impeached just not removed from office.
Iris Nielsen
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Every president since and including LBJ should have been impeached.
Tom York
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The epitome of liberal filth!
Bob Erickson
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Asking if the president has violated the laws of impeachment makes somebody liberal filth? Sounds like a patriot to me.
Peter Muscarello
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Online news post, June 30, Thousands gather at the Capitol to protest Trump's immigration policies
Did you say thousands? Looks more like hundreds. Those kids are not in custody they are free to leave whenever they want. Those kids have never had it so good in their entire lives—clean warm beds, good food and school. Some of their parents have been deported and left the kids behind because they now have a better life. You left-wing lunatics need to go home and take care of your own kids and all their problems.
Kerry Knowles
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Fathers have been fighting for years to see their children or shared custody. Guess it's better to be an illegal. Children need both parents.
David Bates
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And yet we ignore the fact that up to 75 percent of these children at the border are parent-less and are highly vulnerable to human trafficking. But, hey, there's no good vs. evil dynamic in that.
Matt Morris
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Online news post, July 6, More than 100 immigrants and refugees are naturalized
Debra Vasquez
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Since Trump, Utah has become one of the Top 5 states to slow immigration applications. Put that in your baptismal font and soak in it.
Curtis Mace Davies
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