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Feedback from June 6 and Beyond

Readers share their opinions on "the church," its LGBTQ policies and the inland port.



Cover story, June 6, "A Rainbow Revolt"

This is real beauty.
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Excellent article.
Sue I. Drechsel
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"A message from God." Oh, boy! Let's change our stance so we don't look like a cult.
Brandon M.
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Yes—the LBGTQ folks are revolting.
Leroy Mercer
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Leroy Mercer, how ironic of you to say so, with your profile pic being someone who's supported gay rights since at least 1973.
Melissa Emily Black
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Religion isn't a religion if you keep changing the beliefs so often. Cult is bullshit. It is created by one person, the person knows it is bullshit. In a religion, that guy is dead.
Walter Swayze
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Wow. If that was the case, then we would still be beheading people and burning women at the stake as witches.
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No beliefs in the religion have changed, merely a practice based on core doctrine. Read the article before you're mislead by this "description."
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Opinion, June 6, "The New 'S' Word"

Clearly capitalism does not work but living your entire life off the taxpaying public does. That, dear Gary, is the essence of socialism. You just don't get it.
Fred A. Schmauch
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Online news post, June 10, "Mane Event"

Long read but necessary to keep up on what the BLM is trying to do with our wild horses.
Sgt. Dusty
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Online news post, June 7, "Challenging Authority"

I'm confused. An inland port for what?
James Mutscheller
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It's too bad they couldn't rally about 1,000 protesters to swamp those fools.
Jared Lee
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I still have yet to understand the pros or cons of this.
Rob Hall
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I support these protesters
Julie Musgrave Sanders
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Doing God's work, son.
Ryan Northrop
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