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Feedback from March 14 and Beyond

Readers share their thoughts on a new podcast, young climate change advocates and Trumpty Dumpty.



Cover story, March 14, Local Music Issue
Dang! I had one of those tape recorders when I was younger. It was amazing. Wish I still had it.
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News, March 14, "Double Take: Senator-turned SLC mayoral candidate Jim Dabakis raises eyebrows with KUTV alignment"
Left Channel 2 when it changed owners, I can't support the Sinclair group. Sorry Jim, I'm not sure I could stomach [Greg] Hughes even if you two were on another channel.
Catherine Matthews
Via Facebook

Terrible choice, Jim.
David Ekenstam
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Opinion, March 14, "Trumpty Dumpty"
Mr. Robinson is right on in his comments about Trumpty. Last year, I, too, even came up with a Humpty Dumpty Trumpty poem. Great minds work together, eh! Or maybe we vets share the same concerns about our Democracy and Constitution.

The comments about the Utah delegation as well as other Republicans are spot on, too! Their lack of support for upholding our Constitution is appalling showing just what they are—spineless, subterranean trolls, with no regard or moral values to represent their constituency or their Oath of Office in Congress.

Most appalling, as a vet, is the outrageous stance of Chris Stewart, a former USAF pilot, who at that time served to protect the U.S. and its democracy. Where did his values go? Trumpty, who gave away classified materials to the Russians, is guilty of treason and is a traitor to the nation. And I for one, consider all other Republicans who side with him are guilty the same as he is by complicity in his policies. Such weak spineless representatives in the government deserve no place in our democracy to represent us or the nation.

So, I applaud Mr. Robinson's opinion as he is correct and minces no words about Trumpty Dumpty.
Don Duff,
Salt Lake City

A&E, March 14, "On Its Own Terms: The problem with a movie fandom that can't accept stories for what they are"
Ron Peterson
Via Facebook

I don't follow the MCU but the Thanos thing is a major thing that makes me wonder if these people ever even rewatch movies. People still rewatch stuff even knowing what happens, and still can react emotionally to it.
Via Twitter

Completely agree with everything [author Bryan Young] said. I don't know about other people, but for me just the image of Peter Parker disintegrating into thin air, whether I knew he was coming back or not, absolutely rocked me to my core and Tony's expressions hit just as hard.
Brendan Murphy
Via Twitter

I like how [the author] calls out that a subset of movie goers are meta-watching a film instead of just watching it. It's a little like going to a magic show and complaining that the woman didn't really get sawed in half.
Jason McBride
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Online news post, March 15, "Utah's Bright and Shining Future"
Missing school is all the kids are thinking as you all drove your entitled, oversized autos across town.
Donna Marie Sargent
Via Facebook

Just an excuse to cut class.
Craig Schroerlucke
Via Facebook

Programmed robots.
James Bercaw
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Climate change is coming sooner than you think! Spring is right around the corner.
Rodger Hacker
Via Facebook

Didn't pay Utah state taxes for kids to skip school and protest our political leaders ... Having difficulties with climate change? Buy electric, no emissions cars ... stay in school ... science, math, language arts.
Christine Cohen
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Online news post, March 16, "This is the End, My Friend"
You're right. It is the end. For you!
Diane Armstrong
Via Facebook

Nice reference to The Doors.
Steve Dacaria
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