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Feedback from March 15 and Beyond

Our readers give us their two cents on donuts, Inland Port Authority and TruckNutz.



Cover story, March 15, "The Foilies"
I think you were a little harsh on the Trump administration in this piece. In 1998 I attended a symposium on Ethics and Transparency at Trump Tower, the key speaker was Donald Trump. Mr. Trump wowed the audience for four hours with his knowledge and history of ethics and fair business practices. The audience was riveted while he discussed the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act of 1964 all without a teleprompter. We finished the evening with a fine steak and chocolate cake. Truly a night to remember!
David Cordyceps

Dine, March 15, "Holey Donut Empire"
Brian Hall
Via Facebook

Spudnuts are the best, but don't know if any of the bakeries make them. Used to be one in Vernal, but sadly they have closed.
Patricia Gourdin
Via Facebook

They opened a shop in Layton last year called Johnny O's. They are yummy!
Nancy Worden
Via Facebook

Fresh Donuts are the best in the state. On another note, the author looks super beta. Need to get on that Westside Barbell training regiment, 1000 mg. of testosterone per week, 250 grams of protein, bench, dead-lift, squat, clapping cheeks, driving stick shift, TruckNutz and Tapout apparel. You'll be alpha in no time!
David Cordyceps

Author Alex Springer responds: I spend too much time writing about doughnuts and fried chicken to focus on getting swole.

Food Matters, March 15, "Caffe Molise on the Move"
I guess no more clubs there then. It should be a great venue for that restaurant, though. I remember when the restaurant opened and the company I worked for at the time was actually renting the building space to them.
Matt Morris
Via Facebook

Blog post, March 16, "Gov. Herbert signs contested Inland Port Authority bill into law"
Did we, the voters, get any say about this?
Debra Vasquez
Via Facebook

This is bullshit.
Deanna Bishoff Garcia
Via Facebook

Where Have All the Homeless Gone?
Dear Editor,
Operation Rio Grande launched in August of 2017 with the promise of cleaning up the streets of downtown Salt Lake City. This three part effort to alleviate chronic homelessness left many people with high hopes that there would no longer be such a high number of people sleeping on the streets. However, with the most recent update showing that as of Feb. 5, 2018, 84 people have entered into a treatment facility, and 14 are now employed, it has also left some wondering where have all the others gone? You once used to be able to take a walk down the street and see them filled with people sitting on the corner or sleeping in the parks. Now, walking down the streets of 200 South near the Gateway Mall, you will notice that there are significantly fewer homeless people as you look around. If it's only reported that 84 people have gone into treatment and 14 have become employed through this operation, then where is everyone else?
Kaiya Campbell
Salt Lake City

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