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Feedback from March 18 and Beyond



"What Did We Miss?" March 18 cover story
[The DABC retaining] enough profit? You mean the over $500 million in sales last year? That profit? The most corrupt state-run industry in the country? The establishment that pays managers $10 an hour while the state profits millions? Does that money go back into our state? Nope! It shouldn't be legal to "sin tax" a legal product. Truly remarkable how this is still allowed.
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"Blue Plate Blues" March 18 opinion column
When will the development stop?
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[Blue Plate Dining closing] is so sad! They have the best huevos rancheros in the state. As a Utah native, I can't help but be extremely frustrated by the state's gentrification and not being able to afford housing.
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The worst thing about this and so many other issues is that all of the challenges Utah faces have been met (some successfully, some not) in California. Water issues, development, homelessness, sprawl. If only our legislators and many of our civic leaders would look around and actually seek solutions, we'd have a bit better chance. Nope, instead we bumble headlong into the same missteps.
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As a lifelong Utahn, I finally moved to Kansas City a few months back. We timed it right—got a bigger and better house in a safe and quiet neighborhood with good schools for less than what we sold ours for in SLC. Salt Lake is becoming an overpriced cultural desert.
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I agree. This is awful. The whole state is becoming overdeveloped, overly dense. How do we stop the madness? What will it take to keep open space and prevent others from moving here? It's negative explosion of population.
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"Two Tickets to Flavortown," March 18 dining review
OK, wait. Isn't [Guy's Flavortown Kitchen] just Brio Italian Grille with a different menu?
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I just ate here, and it's delish—pricey but good food. The cheese dip is on fire!
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Gross. How about local, non-chain joints? Give this shit to the 'burbs.
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