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Feedback from March 5 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on Coronavirus and tasty Venezuelan treats.



Cover story, Feb. March 5, "China Girl"
Fascinating story. Many of us in the adoption community can relate as parents—and on behalf of our beloved adopted children.
Julianna Verboort

I'm dad to a little girl we brought home from China five years ago this month. Due to a medical condition and the cost of care over there, we have accepted the claim that she was left to be found, but the possibility that she too may have been taken from her bio family is something that does haunt me. Regardless of the circumstances, I hope someday to find them to let them know she is OK. I'm grateful that Maeson and her bio family have been able to reconnect again and share whatever they can in these too short lives. Thanks for sharing their story.
Kerry O'Connor

News, March 5, "Coronavirus Panic Hits SLC"
I don't see the point in referring to "planning ahead" as "panic," but the media's gotta keep up the fervor.
Jonathan Sullivan
Via Facebook

No one, including [Gov. Herbert] "planned ahead." The right wing does business as usual. Wait until it's a problem, then try to Band-Aid a gaping wound.
Jake Willard
Via Facebook

Stakeholders my ass. The LDS Church hierarchy? Who?
Citizen Kate
Via Twitter

This is the equivalent of a red blinking light used to distract the masses from what's really important.
Adam James
Via Instagram

Please remember that when/if you get quarantined, you can still drink tap water. Don't use this as an excuse to fill the landfill with water bottles!
Jo Disa Starks
Via Facebook

Right? It's called investing in good water filters. I got one in my fridge, a portable one and a colloidal silver. Gosh, you can even get special filters hooked to your sink and showers. Add up all the plastic you buy in a year—there's your filters.
Britz Smith
Via Facebook

It's OK, Gov. Herbert. Dr. Mike Pence is on it.
Lizz Kopta
Via Facebook

Silly boomers.
Kevin Kirk
Via Facebook

They're the ones at risk; they should be nervous.
Bryan Orvis
Via Facebook

Private Eye, March 5, "Do Tell"
It's the ONLY way Utah can make money.
Fred A. Schmauch
Via Twitter

All Is Well?
Government leaders, business marketing departments, defense attorneys, churches, 4th of July country singers, stock market opening bell ringers and happy hand clappers, military commanders, doctors and used car salespersons all have a job to do. Their job is to lie and say all is well.

Culture critics and political party platforms, labor unions, prosecutors, prophets, universities and active citizens, newspapers, peace marchers, hospitals and consumer bureaus also have a job to do. Their job is to tell the truth and say all is not well. At a time like this, we need less of the former, and more of the latter.

At the end of the current legislative session, the Speaker of the House said, "No state in the country is better prepared." The President of the Utah Senate said, "We've got the best health care system in the country." I.e., The new coronavirus is no problem, folks. We are super-cool and super-perfect here in Utah.

But I wonder if today's political bragging will end up being like Gov. Mike Leavitt's boasting of a "world class" education system back in the 1990s. A little bit oversold, maybe? We'll find out.
Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross

Paging Dr. Bone Spurs

Tom Tomorrow (is that his real name?) always gives me a good chuckle.

Dr. Bone Spurs (is that his real name?) and the rest of the Trump Disintegration obviously got their medical degrees from Trump University. The tie-dyed orangutan was three years late declaring a national emergency—it should have happened in January 2017.

Alan E. Wright* Salt Lake City
*PS: That is my real name.

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