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Feedback From March 8 and Beyond

Our readers sound off on retirement, hot chicken and IPAs.



Cover story, March 8, "A Tale of Two Chris'"
Fantastic article. Congressman Chris Stewart should give it a read.
Joe Ballent
Via Facebook

How does a guy "retire" from the Air Force after only 14 years? Even his Wiki page says he only "served" in the Air Force. This matters a lot to those who actually survived for the 20 years it takes to get to retirement. It also raises the question of whether a guy more than 2/3 of his way to a lifetime annuity equal to 50 percent of his base pay would voluntarily leave.
Maridee Haycock
Via CW comments

Straight Dope, March 8, "To Be Blunt"
Great article, shared. Thank you.
Cannabis Nation
Via Facebook

Not to mention, the study quoted by the Denver Post was paid for the alcohol trade lobbyists.
Jamie Bischof
Via Facebook

We know what has happened in Washington and Colorado. It is called research.
Scott Frandsen
Via Facebook

We know it makes the states a shit ton of money.
Michael Gattenby
Via Facebook

Utah voters don't care about better schools. They think church will teach their kids what they need to know.
Jason Oliver
Via Facebook

We must fight and not allow children to inject even one marijuanas!
BJ Freeman
Via Facebook

News, March 8, "Long Shots"
I'm one of them. I'm running in Utah's 2nd District for the U.S. House of Representatives.
Via Twitter

I totally agree with [Senate candidate Jenny Wilson]. The good old boy network is destroying democracy and the country.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

I don't want to be represented by someone who has never been middle class, simple as that. The rich are out of touch with the poor, elderly and middle class. Sorry Mitt can't support you this time ...
Catherine Matthews
Via Facebook

Dine review, March 8, Pretty Bird
You people should try some veggies.
Lokesh Chauhan
Via Facebook

A sandwich had better be pretty damn good to cost more than $10.
Chris Keth
Via Facebook

Tried it yesterday, so good!
Gigi Holmes Thorsen
Via Facebook

Goddamn your team can write. Seriously, always good. Now I need some chicken.
Daniel Urmann
Via CW comments

Beer Nerd, March 8, "Navigating India Pale Ales"
Ethan Larsen
Via Facebook

No thanks. I don't drive a Subaru.
Clinton Hartley
Via Facebook

I prefer to navigate around them, not through them.
Jared Lee
Via Facebook

I was in India years ago and ordered a pale ale Lassi. I didn't know at the time that it was pure Ganges water, I was sick for two years.
David Cordyceps

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