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Feedback from May 10 and Beyond

Our readers sound off on government spending, puppies and vehicle fellatio.



Cover Story, May 10, "Adultery, Fraud and the 'Great Tortilla Caper'"
Hi Carolyn, great article—thoroughly researched as usual.
John Campbell
Salt Lake City

What does the yoga instructor part have to do with it? Maybe to emphasis the flexibility required for vehicle fellatio? Guess I better read the article in full.
Via Instagram

News, May 10, "Puppy Mayhem"
I'm neutral when it comes to "adopt, don't shop," but very much against gathering puppies in a cutesy bin where they can be over-handled and contract, spread and ultimately die from Parvo. But, hey, that's just me.

PS: There are tons of puppies at the Humane Society and plenty of reputable breeders in Utah. Do your research!
Alyssa Nilson

Blog post, May 16, Lawmakers tell UTA to hold off on any name changes, especially for $50 million
It's clear the UTA board was more interested in putting up a smoke screen than effecting any real change. What will restore public trust, is transparency and accountability in the board and executive management—plan new routes, extend existing routes and increase frequency. They need to be very, very public about it and actually do it.

They need to increase frequency of Trax so that trains run every 7-8 minutes and FrontRunner every 15-20 minutes. They need to extend the Blue Line in Draper (not to mention get rid of those stupid Blue Line cars that are extremely difficult to get bikes on and off of) and plan and build a new route to service eastern SL County. They also need to create links between stations and shopping areas and high-density residential areas that are dedicated to foot and bike traffic. They need to plan for more east/west spurs with more links between FR and Trax. They need to improve the signage they already have. They need to sell themselves. Sell to businesses and residents that having a train station in their neighborhood is actually a good thing. That would be money well spent.
Mitch Courtright
Via Facebook

What's to come of the tax increase Herbie approved for this?
Michael Gattenby
Via Facebook

The UTA is already so heavily subsidized by the federal government to tote around parasites receiving taxpayer funded housing, food stamps and debit cards. Thanks for killing this welfare extension.
James Roberts
Via Facebook

Rebranding would have made me personally have even less faith in the transportation authority. That would have been nothing but a complete waste of money. Who are these people that come up with these ideas? If you want people to use your system, you simply have to make it extremely convenient for them to do so. I'll take my bonus now, thank you.
Nichole Lakis
Via Facebook

Thank God they are not wasting money on this—yet. Still hoping they never do.
Sammi Bee
Via Facebook

Oh man, they're idiots for considering it. What a waste! It disgusts me, really. Hope it doesn't ever happen.
Ashley Chapman
Via Facebook

I never understood why they would need it, now they have their act together, sorta ...
Judi Wittman-Larsen
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Opinion on Opinion
Thanks [opinion contributor] John Rasmuson for your wonderful writing. I'm a developing writer, and I really appreciate your work—it's so good to have your caliber of insight to partake of on a regular basis. You're inspiring and a great example of how to compose a nice composition. I feel lucky to have you here locally, you're awesome.
Brent Dayley

Social media post, May 22, What activity SCREAMS out summer in SLC to you?
Grassroots Shakespeare in the park.
Via Instagram

Spending time in our beautiful SLC parks and golf courses!
Via Twitter

Downtown Farmers Market in Pioneer Park.
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