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Feedback from May 14 and Beyond



In Response to Private Eye's "Wretched Refuse" column by John Saltas
In the confines of his quiet home, Dr. Fauci was clear, concise, science driven and calm in the face of Rand Paul ( a doctor I guess), cocky and brash, insulting a critical component of "our" team.

Our team—and our hope—in a pandemic during which the Trumpers have no idea—none—of what is going on or what should be going on.

Toss out the 18,000-plus lies and a roulette wheel of staff always placing the wrong bets on this pandemic every day.

John, I have said this a thousand and one times: Ten years from now—hell, maybe five—there will be an attempt to try to understand or make sense out of this administration and our pandemic adventure.

No worries. Enter Dr. Bright, who's ready to spend four hours expounding on the reality, the facts and the truth about this president ignoring opportunities and to corral COVID-19 before it got rolling. The good doctor was ignored, told to go away and "don't bother me." I suspect Bill Murray was enjoying this true American (for sure, a capital A) shredding Donald.

Dr. Bright is really bright. Listen to the bipartisan panel asking questions with some on the right trying to dismember this gutsy whistleblower.

Hey, Dr. Bright, a call for you from Bill Murray. And nice job. Truth prevails.
Robin Pendergrast
Via the Internet

Not So Funny
How about some content supporting our president?

This is disgraceful, printing that garbage from Tom Tomorrow.

Claude Bethea
Heber City
Via the Internet

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