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Feedback from May 24 and Beyond

Our readers sound off on corruption, cake and the future of print.



News, May 24, "Trib Voices"
Thanks for doing this piece. [Those who were laid off] are fantastic journalists and people need to appreciate what they're losing.
Via Twitter

How about an Amazon Kindle-style model? Cheap to give away the tablets, and sell the content. Moving physical paper objects around has retired. Much too costly and fixed compared to custom digital news ... Let's start a digital subscription campaign. I'll start today and purchase a one-year digital-only subscription. (The paper ones were so massive, I could never read them all anyway and wasted a lot of paper.) Go digital, Salt Lake Tribune.
Via Twitter

Online news post, May 30, Mayor Biskupski, Rob Moolman raise Pride flag over City and County Bldg.
I am guessing the same will happen for Days of '47.
Via Twitter

What a beautiful photo. Makes me all sorts of happy.
Via Instagram

Yay, I love it!
Via Instagram

There should only be two flagsā€”American and state.
Walt Reynolds
Via Facebook

It's not hurting anyone. Go live your life, champ.
Aaron Mitchell
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Online news post, June 4, With a couple exceptions, Utah leaders decry SCOTUS Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling
Justified 7-2 ruling. They should [have] baked their own damn cake! Or found a bakery that caters to the LBGQTRSTUBCYZA crowd.
David Mellen
Via Facebook

So by this logic, a doctor could refuse to save the pathetic life of a religious bigot?
Wendi Guerrero
Via Facebook

Nobody ever mentions good business. It's just good business to take clients; it doesn't make any sense to turn away business opportunities. I would never turn a couple away because of whatever. That's bad business!
Kathleen Elizabeth N.
Via Twitter

The cake maker is an ass who got paid to fight it by political Christians and white supremacists. It is true a business can refuse service, but this was not Christian and not about religion but rather bigotry and hate.
Michael James Stone
Via Facebook

I bet Jesus would bake the cake, but I don't expect a self serving "representative" such as Orrin Hatch, to understand that.
Nate Sorensen
Via Facebook

Hatch needs to retire or die already.
Wendi Guerrero
Via Facebook

Breaking news post, June 4, Judge rules former AG is entitled to $1.58 million legal fees reimbursement
I sure as hell do not think he is.
Via Twitter

He should be in jail.
Jason Oliver
Via Facebook

Corruption in Utah pays well.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

That's tough to swallow.
J.J. Clark
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