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Feedback from May 3 and Beyond

Our readers opine on public lands, Boy Scouts and Chinese comfort food



News, May 3, "The Bears Ears Sideshow"
Damn. Thanks, Governor!
Johnathan Lance Tuero
Via Facebook

Utah's elected officials work for whomever has the most money, and in Utah's case, it is the LDS church. I guess the prophets told them shrinking Bears Ears is the thing to do.
Via Twitter

What a bunch of shit!! It's our mountain, not yours.
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Restaurant review, May 3, Little World Chinese
Love this place.
Victor Soifua
Via Facebook

Hell yeah! Always my go-to.
Bobbi Padgett
Via Facebook

Little World!
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Blog post, May 2, "Hatch Foundation announces partnership with U and new South Temple location"
That looks nice. Does it have a solid foundation or does it rotate based on wind direction?
Via Twitter

[Sen. Orrin Hatch is] another old, decaying white male thinking and talking about nothing but himself while living off taxpayers' dollars.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

Take Mittins away, too!
Mary Ann Merrell Crofts
Via Facebook

I am zero percent excited about anything that involves him. I'm not a super political person; I don't have one designated party I subscribe to or support, but rather opinions on individual issues. That being said, Hatch has never done anything that has made me exhale with relief nor applaud. The only thing he is true and consistent in, is his commitment to being a career politician.
Brittney Hemingway
Via Facebook

A foundation to honor political corruption. Nice.
Lynn Baker
Via Facebook

Toon In
So glad to see Keith Knight's cartoon (Th)ink back this week. Jen Sorensen's is also great. I'd like a different alternative cartoon than Red Meat, but hey, different strokes for different folks. Really miss them when these cartoons are missing.
Tom Meyer,

Social media post, May 9, Complete the following: Now that the LDS church has ended their century-old partnership with the Boy Scouts of America, they should team up with ___________ .
The 21st Century for starters.
Regie Thompson
Via Facebook

Every other intelligent person who will now join because they are no longer affiliated with the church.
Bethany Mosier Cassil
Via Facebook

So Mormons can't do Lamanite ... sorry, "Native American" things in the Scouts anymore? This breaks my heart.
Corban Anderson
Via Facebook

God forbid the gays and women join and try to make a better person out of themselves. It's all part of the lifelong indoctrination churches push to keep the tithe dollars rolling in. Jesus flipped money changers tables in the temple, but for a couple billion a year, we'll rewrite that part.
Peter Muscarello
Via Facebook

Maybe non-LDS kids will feel welcome in the Scouts. That would be a great thing.
Clinton Reid
Via Facebook

Yep. We had several non-LDS boys in our troop but every one of them quit when the Scoutmaster made them go to church on a Sunday spent at camp, or be sent home from Camp Steiner in 1982. Boy, did that jackass have some explaining to do when three sets of parents showed up to get their sons.
Regie Thompson
Via Facebook

Bad for the LDS kids. [They'll] never learn about other cultures, ethnic groups or experience anything except what is church-approved. Then go to school and feel like they are perfect, then turn into bullies and intolerant, sarcastic know-nothings about the real world.
Marilyn Duncan Hartley
Via Facebook

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