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Feedback from Nov. 1 and Beyond

Readers sound off on pizza, biopics and medical cannabis.



Dine, Nov. 1, Spedelli's
Mr. Springer, I enjoyed your write-up on Spedelli's, a neighborhood place I've frequented for nearly two years.

Something unusual, is the fact that it also serves liquor. Prior to its arrival, only a 50-year-old beer bar called the Breeze Inn was here (and looked upon somewhat askance by the majority religious).

I was, however, surprised by your comment about "no competition" for pizza at the new location, given that the Big Apple Pizzeria is only four doors west, and has been here for 20-plus years serving great New York-style pies.
John Paul Brophy,
Salt Lake City

Film review, Nov. 1, Bohemian Rhapsody
I love how critics are all up in arms about this movie, where general public who haven't really thought of Queen in years is all agog with praise. I doubt there's a way to tell his story accurately unless you make a bio-epic the length of all three Lord of the Rings. Sheesh ...
Andrei Malyuchik
Via Facebook

I'm pretty sure City Weekly only approves of one movie every three months.
Matt Morris
Via Facebook

Decide for yourself. Criticism is just one person's opinion.
Debra Vasquez
Via Facebook

Thoughts on Prop 2
I'm thrilled with this.
Amanda Green
Via Facebook

Yes, congrats. Huge milestone for Utah.
Danette Heller
Via Facebook

Utah Legislature are gutting it as we speak.
Alexander Spencer
Via Facebook

The compromise put in by the legislature could pose a practical problem with Prop 2. Don't count your chickens just yet. I voted for it but Utah Legislature and the LDS church may have a few changes in mind that no one that voted for it had in mind.
Rebecca Runnels
Via Facebook

No compromise, period!
Dave Christensen
Via Facebook

I'm crying. And I qualify.
Kelsee Herrera
Via Facebook

So incredibly happy for the many people this will help!
Heather Talbot Winkler
Via Facebook

Having a rare and painful bone disease, I'm so grateful it passed. It's [a] step in the right direction, and I just hope Utah keeps pressing forward to enact it! Patients need access to cannabis now.
Natascha Allen
Via Facebook

Yeah, can't wait to get the cannabis lotion for the neuropathy in my feet. Thank you everyone for voting "Yes" on Prop 2.
Mercedes Nikolova
Via Facebook

I'm excited to see the changes in the bill. I voted no for the bill as it was on the ballot, but hope that both sides hold up their deal to revisit the language of the bill to make it better for all involved!
Joshua Knapton
Via Facebook

Does that mean for those who are against it, we can tell them "If you don't like it, then leave?"
John Guggenheim
Via Facebook

Let's just hope they do not sandbag on permits/licensing.
Rob Hall
Via Facebook

I hope not. That is exactly what they are doing in Ohio right now.
Mindy √útz
Via Facebook

I do recall other states in the past going through the same issues. I feel if so, it's [their] last ditch effort to block it as long as possible.
Rob Hall
Via Facebook

I'll guarantee they will, you'll only get it if you have a week to live.
Keith Johnson
Via Facebook

This will be blocked every chance they get. People's choice don't mean anything any more. Giant corporations like the LDS church run this country.
Brandon Braithwaite
Via Facebook

About freaking time.
Earth Storm Jacobs
Via Facebook

Wow, Utah. Proud of you for once!
Jaime Cross Carroll
Via Facebook

Fabulous. Now your state can look and smell like outdoor privies too.
Phyllis Jones
Via Facebook

Wow! Utah finally coming around?
Trisha Hansen Cutler
Via Facebook

Just a little bit. A lot of people still have their heads planted firmly in their asses.
Stephan Manley
Via Facebook

This bill sucks ass. Big time. I don't want edibles. Also, you have to be like on your deathbed or going to be in the next while practically to partake of said edibles.
April French Leavitt
Via Facebook

Omg, the world is going to end!
Elise Rudarmel
Via Facebook

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