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Feedback from Nov. 28 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on Mike and Karen Pence, plus a theater company's demise.



Opinion, Nov. 28, "Taking Offense at Karen Pence" 

More "tolerance" from the open-minded tolerant left.
Fred Alldredge
Via CW comments

I object to something Michael S. Robinson Sr. wrote: "The Pences exude a constant flow of unhealthy pus." Rather than exude, I believe Mr. Robinson should have said "ooze." Other than that, I thought his comments were spot on.
Steve Warren,
West Valley City

Online news post, Dec. 3, "Curtains for Repertory Theater Co."

Get woke, go broke.
Dave Caldwell
Via Facebook

I got yelled at and about by many of these unhappy people because I said it was too bad that this couldn't be resolved in an adult manner and that now everyone was a victim of the situation. This person told me that actors had to work there because there aren't a lot of acting jobs in Utah. Well, now there will be less. I don't know what the situation was there. I just know for sure that nearly all involved will be victims of this closure.
David Jay Crispin
Via Facebook

Ryon [Sharette, production member at Repertory Theater Co.] is no saint—he readily admits that. But the reading audience should be aware that on the "Utah Rep Boycott Reasons" Facebook page, this is the only major set of negative statements about Ryon I saw, amid hundreds of statements naming serious, dangerous, abusive and illegal activities initiated or caused by Utah Rep's Johnny Hebda, JC Carter, their cruel choreographer, and others in positions of leadership who saw what was happening and did nothing.

What made me shudder was reading the simple words of one actress, a wonderful experienced actress who has, over the last decade, played some of the best roles in theater magnificently. She spoke of a Utah Rep show that she was in—which I'd seen multiple times because of the great cast (with an obvious exception)—saying it had been "a nightmare" for her. That is not what theater is ever supposed to be!

The second biggest problem (after the dangerous, soul-wrenching abuse) is that age-old saying: "Be nice to people on your way up because you'll meet them on your way down." Most people would assume that refers to life in general. But no. The statement came from Wilson Mizner (whose occupation in Wikipedia is listed as "writer, entrepreneur, con man"), and it specifically applies to people in theater and film. And this concept has always gotten in the way of speaking up. I suggest readers look for the fuller story coming out.
Barbara Bellows-Terranova

Sounds like some real creepers there.
Charles Prows
Via Facebook

Thanks for staying on top of this!
William Richardson
Via Facebook

Cover story, Nov. 21, "The Kids Are Not Alright"

Nice, well-balanced article. One important point that stems from the anecdote about the daughter's school. In a well-functioning society, one wouldn't need to take their kids to a school that's 18 miles away from their home. But is it necessary to travel that far in SLC? I don't know about the particularities of charter schools, but since the author lives in the Avenues, there are plenty of great schools in the area within walking or biking distance. Thus, our individual choices impact how much we pollute. We can all do better through our daily choices.
Alessandro Rigolon
Via Facebook

Here we go again ... the kids are fine. Just another BS hit piece. Go to Mexico City, China or India and you'll see what bad air really looks like. This inversion is nothing. We are just a bunch of spoiled cry babies.
Dave Forsberg
Via Facebook

Online news post, Nov. 14, City councilmembers deliberate over the fate of the historic downtown Utah Theater

I would love to see the Utah Theater restored, however, my property taxes go up by 15% every year. When will it ever end?
Brett Elzey
Via Facebook

People donated gofundme for Notre Dame in France for $1 billion Euros & America took $8.9 billion away from French banks ... Why don't we cover Salt Lake City with $3,000 apartment developers.
Christine Cohen
Via Facebook

If it's torn down then it should be affordable housing along with The Road Home. No more office buildings or luxury apartments.
Judy Jackson
Via Facebook

Where, exactly, would the funding come from to save it? Also, what purpose would it serve? There's already the Capitol Theatre and Eccles.
Alexander Churchward
Via Facebook

If it is structurally sound then restore it, if not then repurpose the property with something else that will benefit the entire community as the theater did.
Scout Miller
Via Facebook

Save it! I believe they can do it if they want. Quit destroying Salt Lake City history.
Helen Buzianis
Via Facebook

It's time to let go. It's a disaster, it's expensive, there is no parking to support the building and we have an abundance of theaters.
Alisia Wixom Kesler
Via Facebook

I agree with James [Rogers, District 1 councilman]. To keep that building in downtown the way it is, is completely irresponsible. Rebuild it, save the important pieces, but use the footprint to come up with a better solution.
Andrei Malyuchik
Via Facebook

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