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Feedback from Nov. 7 and Beyond

Our opinionated readers sound off on the inland port, Republicans and SLC's new mayor.



Cover story, Nov. 7, "Summer of Discontent: Activists are facing criminal charges for a massive protest against the inland port. Will the opposition back down?"
Virgil Glass
Via Twitter

The port would cause a decrease in pollution. A unit train takes 80-100 trucks off the road ... so when they have several units, it takes off even more. It's in a wasteland that is currently only occupied by industry and the adjacent prison. Do you want to protest consumption? Stop consuming. Stop ordering. Protest with your dollars and mind. Your "occupying" movements do nothing when you keep buying goods.
Spencer Gordon
Via Facebook

Increased truck traffic bringing goods to port. Transporting coal out of central Utah. No environmental study completed.
Iris Nielsen
Via Facebook

They most definitely earned those charges.
Rob Stone
Via Facebook

All well and good until those in power refuse to listen. Paraphrasing: Those who make peaceful evolution (change) impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. Our votes don't matter (Gerrymandering, ignored initiatives, constrained Constitution—UC 34-40-106). Abort the port.
Dennis Read Hanks
Via Twitter

The best way to protest is to boycott every product sold that is housed/distributed from that port.
Fred A. Schmauch
Via Twitter

Opinion, Nov. 7, "Utahns' Avoidance Coming to an End"
Could you be more wrong? The fact that you, like Dick Blumenthal, somehow count as a veteran makes me sick.
Giesua Giorno

That is a perfect opinion piece! The Republicans in Utah hide their head in the sand when it comes to Trump. They are all about party vs. country. His moral intelligence, his spread of lies and hate and divisiveness to and of this country is repulsive. With comments such as Giorno's, it proves the common thread of Utah's Republicans are one off from normalcy.
S. Beatty

A&E, Nov. 7, "I Statement: Annual genderevolution conference brings the 'I' in 'LGBTQIA' front and center"
At this rate, it will only be a matter of time before every letter in the alphabet is used here.
Dustin Newman
Via Facebook

Online news post, Nov. 6, Erin Mendenhall elected next SLC mayor
They were/are outstanding candidates. SLC wins.
Ricky Joy Montoya
Via Facebook

Boo. She's going to destroy our city. Hope you all enjoy your inland port. She's raking in the money and making backdoor deals for herself. How you all ignored those facts ...
Erin Bain
Via Facebook

Jackie already did that!
Jeffrey Hales
Via Facebook

Hopefully the two can work together.
Rodger Hacker
Via Facebook

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