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Feedback from Nov. 8 and Beyond

Our readers vent on prison deaths, 45 and yup, medical cannabis.



Cover story, Nov. 8, "Locked & Loaded"
In jail, Cho-mos (child molesters, accused, or convicted) are on a kill on sight list. There isn't a damn thing the jailers can do to stop it. Not saying the guy deserved being killed, but it's a given that if you're accused of being one, you're dead. End of story.
Via Twitter

I've been told by police officers that Sim Gill only prosecutes crimes that are slam dunk cases. My mom's house was burglarized multiple times. My house was burglarized and I knew the perp. But the case didn't go past the initial report, because the officers say Gill won't prosecute them. I was told that I basically needed a confession. Prints, video, DNA were not enough. But, on the other hand, a family member was falsely accused by a psycho vindictive wife of abuse and jailed, even though she was the abuser and outweighed him by over 200 pounds and 5 inches. The cops wouldn't even listen to him, though he was the one to call 911 after she tried to kill him, and they arrested him when she played innocent victim. She tried to kill him again after he was released by the detective who said it was unfounded. She got off scot-free even after three attempts to kill him.
P. Tomi Austin

Opinion, Nov. 8, "The Lady Weeps"
This is a different world today.
Linda Annese
Via CW comments

It would be cheaper to remove [Trump].
Christa Turnell
Via Facebook

Online news post, Nov. 19, Guv discusses LDS church's role in drafting cannabis "compromise" legislation
And because lemmings jump off cliffs, Utah should, too.
Jim Platt
Via Facebook

More like Saudi Arabia.
Charlie Walker
Via Facebook

Utah theocracy at its best.
Justin Faurschou
Via Facebook

It's not supposed to work that way.
Kate Ward
Via Facebook

He'd love it if Utah was a bastion of nothing but Mormons. Wake up, take a hit off that bong and drink some coffee, this is bullshit and the Mormon church has no right to interfere with voting and to try to make everyone live by their words. And no, I'm not moving, I've been here almost all my life, so I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
Mark Copeland
Via Facebook

I really hope he, and the state Legislature get named in the upcoming lawsuit. It is beyond time for the LDS church to get out of politics, or if they wish to continue, they need to start paying to play, taxes that is.
Manny Jones
Via Facebook

What he said can and will be used in a court of law. Thank you.
Aldin Niyol Johnson
Via Facebook

Everyone needs to vote them or their cookie cutter replacements out next election. Show them the power of the vote.
Mel P. Stone
Via Facebook

Yeah, OK. I grew up in Massachusetts and lived in Utah for 13 years. That's an absolute horseshit comparison.
Corey Adam
Via Facebook

But does their governor take orders from them in closed door meetings?
Claude Henry Smoot
Via Twitter

Give me one example of when the Catholic church called for the governor of Massachusetts to demand the Legislature be called into special session to override the will of Massachusetts voters with a replacement bill drafted by lobbyists for the Holy See?
Drew Howells
Via Facebook

Josette Taylor
Via Facebook

They do it covertly behind closed doors. The East Coast works that way. I know; I was born there ... Bottom line is: you figure it out. I already know.
Pete Helfrich
Via Facebook

I lived in Massachusetts till age 35. It simply doesn't work like that. Yes, there is a big Catholic presence, but there's also a huge Jewish community and outside influence (the mob, etc.) Utah is run by the church and for the church. There is no separation of church and state at all.
Corey Adam
Via Facebook

As a Catholic, I can tell you that they don't tell us how to vote during mass.
Kristin Stocking
Via Facebook

Nor mail propaganda letters with false information to manipulate their agenda.
Carlos Vargas
Via Facebook

And yet weed is totally legal in Massachusetts. Those damn priests!
Corey Adam
Via Facebook

Whatever. No church in my politics—end of story!
Dave Gibson
Via Facebook

What he fails to mention, is that the church as an institution, drafted this bill.
Jason Huff
Via Facebook

There is a difference between having a say and having a monopoly. Hey, at least he acknowledged it.
Katy Lynn Ward
Via Facebook

Two wrongs don't make it right. And neither does acknowledgement.
Andrea Wixson
Via Facebook

Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? We've been lied to from the beginning.
Dawn Woodin
Via Facebook

If a religious organization wants to play in politics then by all means do so, but, you have to give up your tax exempt status and pay your taxes.
Christopher Simon
Via Facebook

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