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Feedback from Oct. 11 and Beyond

Our readers sound offer their two cents on low-point beer and blame Canada



Private Eye, Oct. 11, "For Our Babies"
This is a great article. Read and decide.
Jean Tuckey
Via Facebook

Very nicely written column John. Like you I'm biased in support of medical cannabis—passionately biased. Many of our common friends have struggled and lost the battle with opioids. Had they been able to utilize this all-natural relief to the issues they were experiencing, we would still have them in our lives.
Lynn Larsen
Via CW comments

John, this may not be the best you've written, but it's up there close, powerful, spot on, and ought to hit home with every parent, brother, sister, son or daughter in the state. They either know someone, or will, that this God-given plant could help. (And I don't even like pot.)
Rick Golden
Via Facebook

People should vote yes for Prop 2 in the coming elections. We should not be afraid of the use of marijuana for medical reasons. The medical use would be allowed under a doctor's supervision, it's not gonna be given to people at random. How come we will not accept medical marijuana, but will still use prescription pain relievers, which are in the opioids class, and as everyone knows, there is an opioid crisis.

Many people would still argue that there is not enough information or tests done to prove that it works, but how will we ever know if we can't even use it? There are some benefits to medical marijuana such as pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy, reduced anxiety and it could kill cancer cells.

The cannabinoids that have medical interests are THC and CBD. THC is what causes reduced nausea, muscle spasms and decreased pain and inflammation. CBD isn't intoxicating, it can do what THC can, and might also help treat mental illnesses and addiction. There is actually CBD-based liquid medication that is approved by the FDA. It's called Epidiolex, it helps treat Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, two forms of severe childhood epilepsy.

More treatments are needed on humans, but studies on animals have shown that extracts from marijuana may help kill certain cancer cells and slow the growth from one of the worst cancer tumors, and when THC and CBD were used with radiation, the cancer killing effects increased.

Personally, this does not have an effect in my life, but it does in all those people whose lives could change with the use of medical marijuana. Those who suffer from seizures and muscles spasms could have a chance at a more calming life.
Carlos Nava
Via CW comments

Doesn't matter. I already voted for it.
Don Sequaptewa
Via Facebook

There's a reason Canada legalized it fully: They have socialized medicine!
Dave Christensen
Via Facebook

So they are a failure twice over ...
Sean Devos
Via Facebook

News, Oct. 11, "One Man's Trash"
Nobody is happy, except the city who just keeps trying to cut services and raise taxes. And to try to claim—with absolutely zero data to back it up—that this new system will somehow cut down on illegal dumping is either a joke or an insult. By continuously tightening restriction on what can and can't be picked up—and making it more cumbersome to have heavy trash picked up—the city is in fact increasing the likelihood of illegal dumping. But this certainly isn't the first time a government agency has tried to spin a negative into a positive.
Jared Lee
Via Facebook

I am very happy with the new program. I recently had a pickup and it worked out perfectly. I love that I can schedule year round and that I don't have to clean out my garage when the city decides to have a pickup. They were clear on what needed to be separated out or boxed. It was easy and efficient. I would, and will, recommend this service.
Laura Nicholes
Via Facebook

Hits & Misses, Oct. 11, "Mormon No Mo'"
No matter how hard Mormons try they will always be Mormon to me.
Ben Wordelman
Via Twitter

Beer Nerd, Oct. 11, "Big Flavor, Low Alcohol"
Joseph Culley
Via Facebook

Restrictions are a good thing when applied to matters of art and to crafts. You have to solve problems creatively.
Chris Keth
Via Facebook

More thoughts on Prop 2
Dear Soapbox:

The envelope please; and the winner of 2018's "Ostrich of the Year Award" goes to ... bada bing, Governor Saint Herbie and his cast of thousands. God forbid that marijuana hit the black market! I can walk out the door and buy heroin or meth or spice (yeach). If some of these street people took the test they could get a pharmaceutical license.

There's one too many "Ms" in Mormon.
Alan E. Wright
Salt Lake City

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