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Feedback from Oct. 18 and Beyond

Our readers offer their two cents on pancakes, Medicaid expansion and those damn e-scooters.



News, Oct. 18, "Bigger, Better People"
Are we making room for the Honduras-people-invading wave?
Mannie Lugo
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Opinion, Oct. 18, "A Lesson on Slimy Lubrication"
I wholeheartedly agree.
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Dine, Oct. 18, "Zest of Utah"
Love, love Lazy Day Café. Their shrimp and grits is delish, too.
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Secret's out, I guess.
Jessica R. McCombs
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A Prayer for Lauren
All affected by the death of Lauren McCluskey are in our thoughts and prayers. Utah, please pray the little prayer at every day, and for those who know how, the Holy Rosary as well to atone for this tragedy. Thank you.
Matthew R. Dunnigan,
Rome, Italy

Irresponsible Leadership
What will it take for our elected officials to recognize the disastrous path they and their violent right-wing extremists are taking us down? Trump and the irresponsible Republican leadership are without any doubt, responsible for the hate and violence surfacing nationwide! I was proud to become an officer in the Navy during the Vietnam conflict and proud to defend this great nation, which makes it even more disappointing to watch Trump, with the help of the Republican leadership, trash America's democracy and promote the lies and false propaganda Trump and Fox News constantly spew to his followers! I urge Senators [Orrin] Hatch and [Mike] Lee and my Representative [Chris] Stewart to recognize the danger they are subjecting all Americans to. It's time for Congress to step up and put a stop to Trump's lunacy! America is depending on them. Please don't let us down.
Larry Swift,
Salt Lake City

The Land of Gods and Monsters
It's been nearly a year of lies, harassment and threats by the Nazi-mafia-GOP, Mormon church leaders' controlled, SLC cops to me (and even to my landlords), usually in the middle of the night, with the goal of forcing me to move out of my home, the neighborhood, the city and the state. And they have controlled the spigot of harassment and threats, including death threats, from others—including rabidly anti-gay neighbors who have been harassing and threatening me for years. All to silence me because these Nazis claim that my public speech is negative and divisive, even though truthful and not illegal or unlawful in any way. At least until now. They tried every trick in the book, all illegal, to force me out and shut me up.

Well, now their politics-driven agenda has decided that because I'm able to go on exercise walks that I'm a criminal defrauding the U.S. government and taxpayers by faking disability and thereby getting Social Security disability and Medicare. I walk for exercise every day I'm able and have been doing so for years. There are periods when I can and periods when I can't. The reasons for granting and continuing my disability status have nothing to do with my ability to go on walks and doing other things involving physical exercise when my physical and/or mental health is better than at other times. These Nazi-mafia-GOP thug whores of their own anti-Christ are doing this solely for political reasons in an effort to destroy me completely because I disturb the tranquility of these brainwashed useful idiots of the amoral, ever-greedy, thieving, narcissistic, sociopathic, sadistic and nihilistic filthy rich and powerful they serve. And these many minions of their beloved emperor, godfather and anti-Christ Putin and his Trump/filthy-rich/GOP/religionists/Fox News U.S. lackeys may get away with this evil—among all the other evils they engage in their goal of destroying all decent human society, the human species and all life on Earth.

These Nazis are the real criminals, not me.

Oh, and I had a security system installed today with cameras focused outside to prove the ongoing harassment and threats—now an all night thing. This really is the Mormon church leaders' created and maintained real-life version of the completely fictional Sodom and Gomorrah. If there was a real God or gods, this place would be incinerated in a heartbeat. The fact this place continues to exist is absolute proof there is no God or gods.
Stuart McDonald,
Salt Lake City

A Plea for Prop 3
If you were offered $9 in exchange for $1 would you take the deal? The vast majority of us would say yes. That is the offer on the table in Proposition 3—and better yet, the investment in Proposition 3 pays dividends, too.

Proposition 3, the initiative to expand Medicaid, is a prudent, long-term investment in Utah. It represents an investment in our state's greatest asset: our people, our workforce. For too long, thousands of our friends, family and neighbors have gone without health coverage. Too many Utahns have avoided or delayed seeking care. Too many Utahns have filed bankruptcy due to medical bills. And when a large part of our workforce is grappling with unresolved health care problems or crippling debt, they are not working at their full potential. So, our entire economy suffers. Proposition 3 not only brings $800 million (annually) in our taxpayer dollars back to the state, it promotes a healthier workforce, which means a more sustainable workforce.

Thirty-two states that have already expanded Medicaid are ahead of Utah. They have lower uninsured rates, and as a direct result, they have a healthier workforce. Much like we need to invest in infrastructure and education, we need to invest in the health care of Utahns. Utah's economy and our economic competitiveness depends on it.

Since Jan. 1, 2014, Utah has rejected returning around $1.4 billion back to the state of Utah. We can't afford to ship another dime off to Washington, D.C., and get nothing in return. Vote 'yes' on Proposition 3.
Matt Slonaker,
Executive director, Utah Health Policy Project

E-scooter Blues
I've reached my limit on tolerance. This dangerous behavior must stop. I've asked the city why there's no enforcement.
Chuck Lipari
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