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Feedback from Oct. 24 and Beyond

Our opinionated readers sound off on President Trump, bile production and some magical hot springs.



Cover story, Oct. 24, "Down the Underreported Rabbit Hole"
Thank you very much for publishing this. I find it very eye-opening.
Elias Caress

Opinion, Oct. 24, "Low Calcium and Green Jell-O = Weak Utah Spines"
Responding to [author] Michael S. Robinson Sr.'s piece on this subject, I strongly advise that Mr. Robinson have his liver checked. His bile production is waaaaay out of site.
Brad Larsen,

News, Oct. 24, "'Stabbed in the Back': Utah's Kurdish community reacts to the Turkish invasion of Syria."
What does it mean when the president does everything that Putin would want him to do? There's a dot here, and a dot there, if only there was some way to like ... link them together or something ... I dunno ... I guess you have to like, understand things before you can do that ... something a lot of people don't really do unfortunately. Too busy listening to corporate-sponsored brainwash talk radio I guess.
Blaine Lafreniere
Via Facebook

Music, Oct. 24, "Into the Mystic: You can soak in some happy tunes in Monroe before you soak in the hot springs."
Great to be reminded of this fantastical, magical, place! Happy to hear that cool stuff is still happening there. Thanks for the story!
Wendy Dodd

Trumpian Moment
This is the Trumpian moment. Congress and the people will decide which way the nation will go. There are only two practical choices. Trump has made clear he will lead the people in the direction of the base emotions and behavior that lurk inside us all. He is comfortable marginalizing people, suppressing people, hurting people. We are all capable of that.

This is the Trumpian moment because he realizes, and so do we, that we have grown weary of all the religious ethical preaching about raising people up. We are also tired of all that social studies programming that says we should be good citizens. We are ready to give vent to evil and let a dictator carry out that evil for and on behalf of us.

The Democrats, and probably some Republicans, want to go a different path. They are much more comfortable with the good ol' boy and good ol' girl way of speaking good about raising people up. At the same time, these folks are deeply committed to slow and incremental curbing of the people's right to govern themselves. They dislike Trump's quick and proud path to autocracy.

This is a real choice we face. No one really knows the way Congress and people will go. For sure, one way or the other. 
Robert Kimball Shinkoskey,
Woods Cross

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