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Feedback from Oct. 31 and Beyond

Our opinionated readers sound off on Utah's new brews, long-gone music venues and the cost of a college education.



Opinion, Oct. 31, "Student Loans"
My child also has autism. It would be a miracle if he could learn to tie his shoes or read a book above a first grade level. You have a special needs kid, OK, but your child is smart enough to live on his [own] and was accepted to the college of his choice! I hear you and I understand what you are talking about—the frustration and the long suffering that only a few understand.

But also understand this: When you complain that your college-admitted child didn't get the full package, some of us want to shake you because our child probably has a 0% chance of going to college. Your situation could have been much worse. Can you imagine caring for a dependent child for life? Can you really? My advice to you is simple: Be extremely grateful.
Helen Lai

Dine, Oct. 31, "Slow and Steady: How Salt Lake's Tradition wins the comfort food race"
I've thoroughly enjoyed every time I've been there.
Zach Craig
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Beer Nerd, Oct. 31, "The Era of 5% Is Here"
We're gonna party like it's 1899.
Ignatio Moon

One day Utah politicians will treat its adult citizens like adults.
Scott Frandsen
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Why do people from Utah always comment on alcohol content, by weight and volume?
Mindy Porter
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They're pretty particular here, LOL!
Holly Black Jacobson-Lewis
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Good point on the landscape of the beer industry.
Tony Marino
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Right. Because allowing people some small freedom in regards to what to put into their bodies is such a horrible thing.

Jonathan Sullivan
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Music, Oct. 31, "Ghosts of Venues Past"

Ahhh some good memories!
Arge Feotis
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Good times at Burt's Tiki Lounge!
Amber Madsen Sevy
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Had no idea Burt's closed. When I was 20, granddaddy played at The Zephyr. Apparently, it was an incredible show. I was very disappointed I couldn't go. Shortly thereafter they closed down.
Sam Scholes
Via Facebook

RIP Burt's.
Aaron Orlovitz
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Evan Dando and Slugfest at Zephyr, Jim Rose Circus at DV8. So, so many nights at Burt's. Turned 21 at Sanctuary ... all dead.
Grady Player
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Anyone remember the Terrace Ballroom? Saw Frank Zappa there in the early '80s.
Robert L. Taylor

One of the best shows I've ever seen was Flogging Molly at DV8 in probably 2002, maybe 2003. The atmosphere was just electric. I also saw quite a few Honest Engine shows there in '95-'96. Their guitar player was my guitar teacher, so I'd go out and see them whenever they played an all-ages show.
Cliff N. Johnson

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