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Feedback from Oct. 4 and Beyond

Our readers sound off on skateboarding, weird news and cannabis.


Cover story, Oct. 4, "Shred on Arrival"
So good! Rad to see skateboarding in City Weekly.
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Loved this article and reading about these amazing gals.
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What inspiring women.
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Opinion, Oct. 4, "An Entitled Brotherhood"
So true. What a punk.
Lisa Boyer
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Give [Kavanaugh] a rest, it is what it is. I think the media is beating a dead horse now.
Ann Fine
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That's why we need to register, show up and vote them out! We can't continue to let our leaders push men like this on us.
Anna Walter
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1984 is almost here. George Orwell was a visionary in that novel: "The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."
Debra Vasquez
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Well, if George Orwell said it, it must be true ...
Jared Lee
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News, Oct. 4, "Taking Clients' Vitals"
The Homeless want housing, not shelters.
Christine Cohen
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Hits & Misses, Oct. 4, "This Mormon Moment"
They are already trying to run a bunch of red tape with medical marijuana. We need some sort of HIPPA rights or medical privacy protections against religious organizations as law.
Steffani Mwaruka
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Dine, Oct. 4, "Tongue Trifecta"
Cheeks over tongue. Sorry not sorry.
Daniel Rodriguez
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Beer Nerd, Oct. 4, Reconnect with classic Salt Lake brews in time for fall
I would hate to be a beer maker right now. #ILikeBeer
Cecilia Anthony
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News of the Weird, Oct. 4
In Florida, it's just called regular news.
Will Kincannon
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Online news story, Oct. 10, "Cannabis Compromise"
I'm voting yes.
Donna Sorenson Jackson
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Cannabis is a food on the terpene wheel (think pine or citrus to understand the wheel). Because it is a perfect protein, contains omega 3, 6 and 9. More digestible than soy. It is part of our DNA used by our endocannabinoid system part of our endocrine system. The part that makes endorphins out of food. It is not a wonder it has an effect on our health. Like a lock and key.
Cindy Maughan
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