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Feedback from October 22 and Beyond



"Under the Gun" Oct. 22 cover story
I wonder if [Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall] has walked a mile in their shoes. It would be nice if we saw more stories where cops did good, rather than hyping up the rare tragedies. Half the battle is getting people to stop fearing and hating police and teaching people how to act in a way that puts them at ease. Citizens have an obligation to de-escalate as well.
Justin Whitney
via Facebook

It boggles my mind that in a "free" society, where the police exist to protect the rights and the safety of the people, that "try to de-escalate a situation first before shooting someone" even needs to be said. Granted, there will be those situations where immediate response will be necessary, where the situation cannot be de-escalated, but geez!
John Guggenheim
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As a former police officer, I understand the job is hard, but I also witnessed misconduct and fellow officers that abused their powers or played it real close. This is why I left. Reporting it would only get you blacklisted from promotions and any special appointments.
Jason Sagers
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"Soul Searching" Oct. 22 Private Eye column
Well said, John. This crap is so old. The lies coming from the GOP are getting really old.
Deanna Bishoff Garcia
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Boy, did this article speak to me! You verbalized my feelings so well. Thank you!
Terri Ledding
via Facebook

I love that the Weekly has to qualify Mr. Biden's lies as "not regular" as in "a man who does not lie regularly." Didn't Mr. Biden just lie about his historical position on fracking? And Trump posted a series of video clips with Biden expressly telling groups of people and on media that he would ban fracking and fossil fuels. If you're voting for Biden because you think he has better character than Trump, you may need to seriously reexamine your moral standards.
James Abbott
via Facebook

Things Are Out of Control
After Utah's new record daily COVID case count of 1,960, it's clear what the State of Utah has been doing for the past eight months: implementing a plan to squirm out from under criticism if and when things get out of control. That day has come.

The governor and his politicized health department have refused to use the powers of government to bear down on the virus, instead cheerleading the people to take individual responsibility for solving the ugly China ball of wax.

Now, when it's time for heads to roll, everyone in government is chill. People, you are the problem, not the government or the party.
Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross