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Feedback from October 7 and Beyond



"Labor Shoe ..." Oct. 7 Soap Box
First and foremost, the closure of businesses was not politically motivated. Health care is not a political subject, nor should it ever be.

Thomas Knapp thinks of people as cogs in his capitalist machine, cogs for him to exploit for his selfish business needs.

Maybe people refuse to work because employers don't respect them. Maybe people are sick of being treated as though employers own their labor. And maybe people are fed up working 40 hours a week and are still only able to "keep a roof overhead and Raman in their pantries" as Knapp so pathetically puts it.

Just because employers can milk labor from people for slave wages doesn't mean it's morally warranted.

"If These Walls..." Oct. 7 Cover Story
I can't wait to dig into this article. I've been interested in [architect Richard] Kletting for about a decade and hoping to do a series of posts about him soon as one of the Avenues' influential residents.
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I believe the original owner of my 1891 house rented out rooms in the Kletting-made Karrick Building at 236 S. Main. I'm pretty sure she ran brothels and was a madam in SLC and Eureka. I found an old article from the early 1900s that she was suing the landlord with this Karrick building address because he wouldn't let her advertise her rooms.

I really need to get my hands on this latest issue. Kletting is one of my favorite architects here. Shame we're losing so many of our old historical buildings for box and glass apartments. Ridiculous.
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"Piss Off" Sept. 30 Private Eye
So, I can only live free if I do as you say? At what point do I start wearing the Star of David arm band so you can identify me easier?
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It's incredibly telling that every single anti-vaxxer seems to think literal genocide of millions of people was simply a public health campaign. You can goose step your way out now.
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I'm Jewish, and it'd be a drastically different version of history if a mandatory star was meant to preserve life instead of deny it.

I'm a father of three—I can spot a tantrum from across town. I think (people) need a responsible adult to remind them that if you eat junk food all day, you're going to get sick. The junk food is bad information; the sickness is the way you think.
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Feel free to shove your humble opinion on vaccination up your ass. Yes, the new airport sucks, but that's what you get when the government tries to streamline things that are already operating proficiently.
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