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Feedback from Sept. 20 and Beyond

Readers sound off on public lands, Bhutanese food and "Odious Orrin."



Cover story, Sept. 20, "Conservation Crisis"
The most effective conservation program you never heard of is about to go down the drain.
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Thanks for putting this topic front and center.
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Opinion, Sept. 20, "On Puppies and Sneakers"
Ha, wow. This article took me for a loop through a very clever rabbit hole.
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Dine, Sept. 20, Bhutan House
This is a great place. I took my family for a birthday dinner last week. Great food and service.
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Music, Sept. 20, "We Got Brad's Back"
[Brad Collins] always will share a story or give you information with a smile every time you go into Raunch Records. Great guy!
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Online news story, Sept. 27, Anita Hill on sexual harassment, #MeToo and Supreme Court confirmation hearings
Let's be real. Those who are in government, left or right, always want more power and will manipulate the public in order to maintain power and get more of it. They love steering the public using totalitarian-like arguments. If the government really cared about stopping rape, it would actually teach children in school the atrocities that can occur when girls and boys spend less time around their parents and move on to college and those boys start moving into the full hormonal experimental stages of their lives and begin to team up in small mobs and consume large amounts of alcohol. I think that would be better instead of teaching people to snicker at a medical outlay of a vagina on a projector.|
Matt Morris
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Wish we could have gotten in. Lots of folks were turned away—no room at the inn.
Ann Hopkins
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Online news story, Sept. 28, Crowd gathers to support victims of sexual violence and call out Utah's senators for not taking allegations seriously
Socrates dealt with public ridicule. In Plato's writings, he said something to the effect of "does an athlete seek to please the crowd or his coach?" Socrates went on to say he listens to the oracle within. From this I have a mantra. "It doesn't matter what anyone thinks, it only matters what God thinks."
Brian Willess

Hatch and Lee are at the top of "The Worst Ever" list.
Jo Disa Starks
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No one wants a sexual magical gift. Keep your genitalia to yourself, Utah. No more opening each others doors. This is Mormons new sexual harassment; it is very disruptive to the work environment. Nobody is an elder.
Christine Cohen
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States have genitalia?
Hmmm ...
Baun Jordan
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Online news story, Oct. 1, Cox, state officials gather at the Capitol to discuss Utah's opioid epidemic
$3.2 million for agencies to share information? You could've used Google Sheets for free.
Chris Elrod
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An Ode to Orrin
Odious Orrin, how long must we listen to your crap.
The shit coming out of your mouth.
Shut your trap.
Old as shit, and never the wiser,
spewing geezer nonsense like a huckleberry geyser.
"OH" please, "OH" please just listen this once and refrain.
If you still have any self control left or half a brain.
Mark S. Hurst,

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