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Feedback from Sept. 27 and Beyond

Readers sound off on death doulas, pupusas and those pesky e-scooters.



Cover story, Sept. 27, "Dying and Living in Utah"
Oh, I am so glad to see [death doulas] being talked about in Utah!
Jennifer Jones
Via Facebook

Read this with great interest, having watched a brother and my father pass—but not being there when my mother passed—I felt guilty, yet relieved that a brother was there.
C.J. Southworth
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These people are incredible.
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Dine, Sept. 27, "Pupusa Perfection"
Yaass! My family is from El Salvador, and these are legit—very tasty!
Dixie Cortez
Via Facebook

I was in El Salvador once, they were my favorite dish there. I highly recommend.
Debra Vasquez
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Good, but the place on 800 South and 500 West is amazing.
Jon Pezely
Via Facebook

SLC has amazing ethnic food of every flavor except pizza, lol. There's, like, three places I know of that will pass for decent 'za: Este Pizza Co., Rusted Sun Pizzeria and Settebello.
Chris Pacold
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Online news story, Oct. 3, With midterms looming, Cox and state employees talk election security
When are they going to address the blatant gerrymandering in Utah?
Via Twitter

Online news story, Oct. 3, Biskupski, electric scooter reps, launch campaign to better educate riders
"Last-mile" bridge ... OK.
Mike Mitchell
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Why do all good things die?
Via Instagram

I hope this works. I am really getting tired of getting out of their way like I am the problem.
Via Twitter

The scooters are great and super convenient!
Jenny Woods
Via Facebook

Sure. Let's focus our time and our energy on the infinitesimal scooter issue that affects virtually no one, instead of the gargantuan homeless problem that affects virtually everyone. Sadly, this has been a hallmark of Biskupski's entire administration. Instead of fixing the roads, she'd rather spend her time and our tax dollars renaming them. Instead of actually addressing the homeless problem in downtown SLC, she'd rather just push them out of downtown and into the surrounding neighborhoods.
Jared Lee
Via Facebook

Thank God. Fuck those scooters.
Via Instagram

Please don't let them get rid of these. Don't pamper the whiners. Make guidelines, but don't let the party pooper suit-and-tie business people fuss about it and ruin it for everyone else. [There's] too much of that in the world as is.
Via Instagram

Thank goodness. When I moved here four months ago, these [scooters] were a pain for pedestrians in downtown San Diego—especially on weekends. Glad to see initiatives being tackled in SLC.
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Why not rather focus on creating a safe bike lane, so scooter riders don't feel like they have to ride on the sidewalk?
Via Instagram

That's great. Now stop assholes from driving their cars in the bike lanes.
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Bike routes on roads like 700 East are not safe. The popularity of these scooters should be a wake-up call to a growing demand for alternative transit in SLC. Make it safe for everyone. The pros of these scooters can't go unnoticed. Alternative transit is a good thing.
Via Instagram

I mean, I'm more worried about the homeless people I have to dodge in downtown. The scooters are hardly the problem.
Via Instagram

They've come close to running over my dog numerous times. If that happens, that scooter is going straight up that person's ass.
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