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Feedback from Sept. 5 and Beyond

Opinionated readers sound off on the judicial system and the Utaliban.



Opinion, Sept. 5, "Aaron Shamo: Young Man with No Future"

Excellent Mr. Robinson. Great things come out of your pen when you are not obsessed with Trump!
Mannie Lugo

I don't believe that one chooses to be an addict. We are living in a society where a simple surgery can turn you to the streets for heroin if you're unlucky enough to have the genetic makeup that spins you into that path. Shamo stated he thought he was helping patients whose physician cut them off. Bullshit, he was in it for the cash, enough cash that he was too stupid to wash. This adult man didn't simply make a mistake. He manufactured a product using a widely known deadly synthetic drug and peddled it as something else ... that is not an action that begs he is helping people. States are beginning to hold pharmaceutical companies liable, as they should. Perhaps those who feel that Shamos' life sentence is too harsh aren't woke enough to the realities of addiction.
Debra Miller Ross

News, Sept. 5, "Roadless Rule Rollback"

Who needs a livable planet to live on anyway ... pilfer the sumbitch for all she got! Woo Trump!
Blaine Lafreniere
Via Facebook

Bernie Sanders is 78 years old and had donations up to $15 million for his campaign ... Mitt Romney is 72 ... John McCain died as a Senator of Arizona ... Ruth Ginsburg (cancer) is 86 and in the Supreme Court ... our political leaders have Alzheimer's ... crazy grandparents film.
Christine Cohen
Via Facebook

I agree, why do people keep voting for these old geezers ...
Blaine Lafreniere
Via Facebook

Despite their hostility to our public land, the Utaliban will never resurrect Deseret.
Mike Coronella
Via Facebook

Inland port is on sustainable landscapes.
Christine Cohen
Via Facebook

[Gov. Gary Herbert] is known for selling out to the highest bidder.
Albert Garcia
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