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Feedback from September 16 and Beyond



"Time's Up," Sept. 16 Cover Story
This is one of the best articles I've read that clearly explains our current and not-too-distant future. Thank you Jim Catano for your courage in writing it!

It does not have the shortcomings that so many articles on the topic of climate change succumb to: It's not too long; it's not full of scientific jargon, statistics and projections about 2100, a date so far in the future (for humans, anyway), it can be easily ignored; it leaves hope out and uses Mad Max's quote to explain why. Brave and brilliant.

And thank you for your last line that sums up what we can do: Live nobly and well in whatever time we have left.

I'm a person that prefers the eyes-wide-open approach to life. To read your article in the mainstream press is balm for the spirit and hopeful in it's own, unhopeful way. Bravo.
Boulder, Colorado

Take It With a Grain of Salt
"Time's Up" is a silly essay, and I'm surprised the local paper ran it. [Guy] McPherson is a conspiracy theorist, and what he says should be taken with a grain of salt.

Yes, climate change will soon get much worse, but his views are at odds with the scientific community.
Shanelle Loren
via Twitter

Lock 'Em Up
The mainstream in Utah have become the certified lunatic fringe. Those who feel themselves safe because they are vaccinated have teamed up with the unvaccinated and also with Utah's political and business elite.

The whole lot of them are piling it on with our traditional pre-pandemic seasonal entertainments like food and cultural festivals, the state fair, music concerts and fall football games. All the while, hospitals are overflowing with patients. Let's go eat out after all the fun!

My plea to the sheriff? Please jail my neighbors.

They are brandishing weapons of mass destruction with every breath and they don't get it. Meanwhile, we have 50 spineless governors and one spineless president all posing for selfies.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, suggests there is an article in the Constitution prohibiting vaccine mandates. I did not hear anything about a Constitutional Convention, so I wonder how that prohibition got in there when it never was there before.

DeSantis thinks his new rendition of constitutional history qualifies him to run for president in 2024. Doesn't take much these days.
Woods Cross

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