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Feedback from September 17 and Beyond



"Meals Out of Misfortune" Part 1, Cover Story
Love Fratelli's new space. Awesome patio and all of their delicious pasta dishes. Plus, gelato to-go is a must!
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Thank you, City Weekly, for your ongoing support of all things local. What a great asset to our community.
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This has been such a rough year for everyone, but even harder for certain industries. I hope many can recover, and we can get our culinary world back up to par.
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Feldman's Deli, Utah's only Jewish deli, famous for outstanding corned beef and pastrami, is now offering dine-in and patio dining as well as takeout and curbside pickup. Details at
Michael Feldman
Salt Lake City

"The Rotting Tooth" Private Eye column
[Sean Reyes] did a one-hour segment on Ancient Aliens on the History Channel while he was the sitting attorney general. I think that says enough.
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He gets to break the law, probably conspired to do it, too. No honor at all with Trump and Trumpers.
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Someone once asked, "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?" I forget who but they were clearly a genius. In addressing our AG, I'd add honor, dignity and grace.
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"Pandemic-friendly Pastries" Review by Alex Springer
Thanks for the great review! It is very much appreciated!
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Thank you for spreading the yummy love.
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The West Coast is on fire, New Orleans and Puerto Rico are flattened, our cities are convulsing with civil strife, 200,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 with thousands more left with long-term medical problems, the economy is in the toilet and the only thing Donald Dumpsterfire worries about is people disparaging his precious little red baseball cap.
Question: Why did emperor Nero fiddle while Rome burned? Answer: Because golf hadn't been invented yet.
Flush the turd on Nov. 3rd!
Alan Wright
Salt Lake City

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